Types Of Glass

What are the different types of glass? Wherever we go, whatever we do, we see glass everywhere. Glass is used in many different ways and they are made different from each other as well. These days, glass can come in quite a number of different forms. This is why there are many different types of glass used in different applications, products, and situations.

Annealed glass is among the most basic types of glass. They are considered one of the flat glasses as they are the initial result of a float. These are the types of glass that tend to break in jagged and huge shards. These are also the types of glass used in many double glazed windows. Also, the anneal glass is usually the glass that is commonly laminated, coated, and toughened.

Toughened glass belongs to the types of glass that is the product of an annealed glass. Given that it has received treatment already the toughened glass is a lot more breakage resistant compared to the annealed glass. If in case the toughened glass breaks, it breaks in ways that are very predictable – therefore, among the types of glass this is the safest and most secure.

Laminated glasses are types of glass that are composed of layers. They are bonded together by a certain material to ensure that they are strong and provide some sort of breakage resistance. There are two main ways to produce these types of glass. The first method used heat and pressure to sandwich the layers of it. The second method, on the other hand, uses resin to keep the layers together. The laminated glass is the type of glass that is commonly seen being used in housing and building products as well as in cars and other forms of transport.

The coated glasses are glasses that are, well, coated. The most common reasons why these glasses are coated is to be able to modify the look and feel of it. Also, these coatings protect the glass from scratching and breaking.

The mirrored glasses are types of glass that have a metal coating on one side. This certain metal coating can be made out of silver, chrome, aluminum or chrome. These are also the glasses that are used to make one way mirrors. There is a special thinner metal coating used at one side and no sealing is placed on the other to give out an opaque effect.

Next we have the patterned glass. These are flat glasses that display a certain pattern. There are many different ways of producing patterned glass. But the most common way to produce one is to pass glass rollers that are heated to produce the desired patterns.

Lastly, we have the clear glass. Clear glasses are types of glass are the types that are far from annealed glass. They are made out of melted glass and are different from most other kinds of glass. These glasses are made of very low content of iron so that the sun reflection properties will be minimized. Therefore, these glasses are able to allow more light to pass through them, making them extra clear.