Types Of German Cars

Germans are known to produce awesome cars and this is why the types of German cars are known as the most desired ones compared to all others. Get to know the best types of German cars and be able to see why they are most desired and why many other car manufacturers are looking forward to beating them.

In 1976, Volkswagen released the GTI. These types of German cars were known as the king of the hatch during this time. You see, from the birth of these types of German cars there have been many other hatchbacks that are born. They are known to be fun to drive and at the same time very safe. They are simple but nice looking as well and this is why the GTI was able to hold on to its crown for a long time.

In 2008, Audi released the R8. If you are not that familiar about how types of German cars look like, just think Ironman. Yes, the R8 is Robert Downey Jr.’s car in the first Iron Man movie. Audi R8 has been loved all over the world because if the elegance that they bring. It is known that they can bring you to wherever you are quickly and be able to last you a long time too. This is what makes the Audi R8 great and this can last a very long time.

In 1964, Porsche released a car that will be loved by people for years. Until now, people are still longing to have the latest versions of the 911. 40 years after the birth of these types of German cars, Porsche is still looking to develop new models of the 911. The reason behind this is simple – the demand is still high. This being said, the Porsche 911 types of German cars are said to be the most loved cars of all time – around the world.

In 1938, Volkswagen released a car that more than 21 million people would buy. Yes, these Volkswagen Beetle types of German cars have been bought by more than 21 million people. This is why they are called the people’s car. As a matter of fact, production of the Beetle just stopped in 2003. But then again, there are so many of them that are still in circulation until now. There are even countries that produced these cars until now. There are people who complain that these cars are noisy, slow and crude. But people still buy a lot of them. the appeal of the Beetle is something not a lot of people can explain but they are known to be one of the greatest types of German cars nonetheless.

There are so many other great types of German cars. There are great looking and perfect performing cars that Germans have manufactured – and they will not stop. Long story cut short, the Germans have been able to master the ways on how they can attract more and more people to get their cars because they have aced the quality, looks, and performance factors.