Types Of Gases

There are many Types Of Gases. Gas is one of the four basic states of matter. The other three are plasma, liquid, and solid. There are so many types of gases that are usually categorized as bulk gases. Some of the most common ones include; Propylene, Nitrous Oxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Helium, Hydrogen, and Argon. These gases are made either from one type of atom or from different types of atoms. Nitrogen is an example of gases that are made from a single atom. On the other hand, Carbon dioxide is a compound molecule made from a wide range of atoms.

Carbon Dioxide is mostly produced through the emission of smoke or through fermentation in breweries and distilleries. It is highly soluble, tasteless, and colorless.

Nitrogen makes of about 75% of all types of gases in the atmosphere. They are obtained from liquid air at -196EC distillation. The gas that is got from this process is always a mixture of nitrogen and a slight amount of noble gases (xenon, krypton, neon, argon). Nitrogen is the second largest gas produced by chemical industries in the United States. It is basically used as a freezing agent, in electronics, and in chemical processing. They are used in the manufacture of cyanamide for the production of plastics. They ar4e equally used in the production of synthetic fibers and the production of agricultural fertilizers such as nitrates and ammonia

Neon is a lighter noble gas that is got from air. The heavier noble gases like xenon, krypton, and argon are obtained through the distillation of liquid gas. Oxygen is then taken out from this mixture with the use of hot copper.

Argon is the most used and most abundant of all types of gases. It is used primarily in metallurgy where it is employed in the production of hot metals. Argon is not reactive, which is the reason why it prevents the chemical reaction other hot metals that are being forged or welded.

Oxygen boils at -183EC and is the third highest of all types of gases produced in the United States, and most of these are produced through the distillation of liquid air. Oxygen is easily attracted to magnet. It is used mainly in the health service industry, in metal fabrication, and in metal manufacturing. In steel manufacturing, oxygen is usually passed through a blast furnace to remove impurities like silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, and carbon. It is equally used in the cutting of still as an oxidant through direct application of hot oxygen to the heated steel.

Another benefit of oxygen is in the chemical industry, used in the production of NH3, HNo3, and nitric acid. An explosion can occur when oxygen reacts with another gas. There are two reasons for this, which is why we have two kinds of explosion. There is chain reaction explosion which is caused by the actions of reacting molecule. There is also the thermal explosion, which is a result of effects of the temperature on the reacting agents. The thermal explosion occurs when there is an increased temperature on the reacting mixture. This makes heat to build up and when it cannot be accommodated by the reacting mixture, explosion is likely to occur.