Types Of Funeral Services

Types of funeral services differ from culture to culture but the main purpose is to give honor to the person who has died. Funerals are referred to that ceremony that is held in the memories of the person who has died. Here we are seeing some important cultures and their ways and types of funeral services systems:


In this types of funeral services Hindus cover the body of the dead person with woods and then set the body on fire. When the rest of the pieces remain from the burned body they collect them and drop them in the Ganga and pray there for his soul.


Muslims types of funeral services are different. Dead body of the person is first sent for the shower when his relatives give him shower than they pick his body on a bed and bring that bed in the grave yard where they offer a prayer in front of the Janaza.

Muslim types of funeral services results in bringing the dead body to grave and cover it with the mud. They perform the services of the funeral for three days people come and condole with the relatives of that person.


Christian and Muslim types of funeral services are bit similar as they are believed in the same God. Christians are also put the body of the dead person in the box and then bring him to the grave yard and buries him almost similar to the Muslims. They are saying prayers in Church.

Every culture has its own services but some are similar to the others.

Traditional services:

In these types of funeral services the person who has died, his body has putted in the strongbox named as casket. The people and his/her loved ones come together and see died person and weep and do condolences with his loved ones and each other.

Memorial services:

They are performed near to the ocean or sea in the absence of the dead person the way Hindus perform their remaining dead pieces of the person and through them in Ganga that are the example of memorial services.

Burial services:

Burial services are the important types of funeral services. The Christians and Muslims and all other religion that are buried the body of their dead person in the grave yard and buried them under the soil this is the examples of the burial services. These types of funeral services have graves, cremation, tombs are included in these services where the body of the dead person has been putted down and covered with the mud and soil.

Private services:

These types of funeral services are included the friends and family members of the dead person. Those people who become a victim of any accident, the infants or very aged persons are included in these services. Those people who do not bear the expenses of traditional or other services. They use to follow the private services and those who do not want to inform all the people in the society they are also follow and adapt them.