Types Of Forces

In the field of physics we learn that there are different types of forces.

Generally speaking, regardless of the various types of forces a force is a push or pull that may occur when the object comes into contact with another object. The object may even be a living or a non-living thing. So, when we pull a door open or pushing it to shut it, we are actually applying force on to it and the impact upon it is what causes it to open or close. In other words, the force we apply on it is what causes it to open or close. However, there are some types of forces that cannot be seen or felt by us.

Magnetic forces are an example of these types of forces.

If you went and stood near a magnet, it is unlikely that you would feel the pull of the magnet on your own but if you were to take, say, two magnetic bars and hold them close together, you’d feel the magnetic pull. This is an example of one of the many types of forces. The pull that you feel is a pulling force. Force is not only applied when pushing something, it may also occur when two objects push each other. Hold the same magnets together with the similar sides facing one another and you’ll feel the magnetic push. You won’t be able to make them attract one another.

Then there’s frictional force. When force is applied on to another object, frictional force causes friction and so, the region where such force is applied will heat up due to the friction. In order to avoid frictional force in cars, for instance, lubrication is used to prevent the car from getting damaged internally. Frictional force may be one of the most dangerous types of forces amongst the rest.

Gravitational force is one of those types of forces that attracts everything else to itself. It is due to this force that everything is in place and on the ground. Without gravitational force, we would be living as if though we were in space. Everything would be flying around and nothing would stay on the ground itself.

One of the simpler, and less complicated, types of forces is applied force.

Apply force on to an object and you could either push it or pull it towards you. When opening a door, force is applied on the door to open it up. Hence, this is an example of applied force because the application of the force is what makes it count as this type of force.

Spring force is another of the various types of forces and as is suggested by the name, it is the force applied by a spring on to anything that lands on it. This type of force can be felt if you throw yourself on to your bed or jump on it. If you jump or bounce on it, this is due to the spring force.