Types Of Flooring

What are the different types of flooring? The floor is an important component of every home. The types of flooring are important when it comes to the aesthetics of a certain house as well as the feel and conformability that it brings. This is more and more types of flooring are being researched and developed now.

Hardwood types of flooring are flooring types that are characterized by the use of wood. These combine aesthetics and durability. They are known to provide beauty and elegance to a rather ordinary home. Also, these types of flooring are very durable and can last many years before they start to get damaged. The most common hardwood flooring types come from trees such as hickory, walnut, maple, birch, oak, pine, cherry, pecan, pine, and many others. The best thing about these types of flooring is that they are known to be resistant to wear. The problem, however, with these is that there are some of these types that get darker in color. There are also some that may shrink and some may expand as well.

Bamboo types of flooring are flooring that are, well, made of bamboo. They are the greener way to go, as they are very elegant and durable. Bamboo can be green or brown in color. However, there are also some types of these flooring that can have many different colors. They are known to provide clean surface that is also very strong. However, the problem with these types of flooring is that they shouldn’t be left wet.

Third, we have the ceramic tiles. These are the types of flooring that are best used in rooms that will require water proofing. This is because ceramics are known to be water proof. This is why there are mostly used indoors, outdoors, on countertops, and in toilets and baths. They are some ceramic tiles that are glossy and some may be unglazed. Most people choose to use ceramic tiles because they can hide scratches and damages well. However, the main disadvantage of these types of flooring is that they can be difficult to clean when they have started accumulating dirt in their grout lines.

We also have laminate flooring. These are the types of flooring that are very cheap. These are those that are very strong and durable. They are also known to resist burn as well as chirping. This, with the fact that they are very cheap, makes them among the most common choice to get in homes. Also, when it comes to high traffic areas, these types can indeed provide the best solution.

Lastly, we have marble tiles. These are flooring types that are the most durable. They are also very versatile. These are the common choices to use in walls and hallways. The best part about the marble tiles is that they come in many different sizes and colors. They come in stylish design, too. Whatever it is that you want to do to your home, you can easily do so with the help of these flooring types.