Types Of Floor Tiles

There are all Types Of Floor Tiles out there. Floor tiles always add beauty to the interior of our house. It serves as a symbol of our status as well as adds value to the overall flooring of the home. They come in different colors and different designs that would help maintain the beauty of the home for a long period of time.

But getting the right one for the home requires some decision making especially when you are looking at what is best for your needs and your budget. We are therefore going to look at the most popular tiles around and find out their differences.

Porcelain Tiles

These types of floor tiles are very popular among home owners. It has a reputation of 0.5% absorption of water and comes in either unglazed or glazed versions. It is very valuable for its high resistance of abrasion. Almost all countries of the world manufacture this brand of floor tiles.

Ceramic Tiles

This kind of tile is very slippery and is not very advisable to be placed in homes with children. Sometimes they are made with little amount of abrasives in order to make it more compatible for users. The ceramic tile is still highly demanded because of the magnificence of its shinny surface. It is still the mostly demanded types of tiles around the world.

Linoleum Tiles

These types of floor tiles are one of the oldest types of floor tiles. Unlike the porcelain, ceramic or Vinyl tiles, they are not frequently used as a result of their boring looks. However, one benefit of the linoleum tiles is their anti-bacterial features. This explains why it is mostly used in health clinics and hospitals. Apart from that, there has been effort by manufacturers to produce several designs of the linoleum tiles which is gradually increasing the demand for them.

Vinyl Tiles

Developed during World War II, the Vinyl tile is the cheaper substitute of more expensive tiles such as porcelain. The tile is richly designed with superior technology which makes it very attractive and very affordable by many. Its installation is pretty simple and it has a very long life span.

Terazzo Tiles

This type of floor tiles rank very high in terms of quality and durability. They are made up of highly polished and refined Terra Cotta Clay. Even when unglazed, they still look very attractive and it does not easily get stained by liquid substances. However, it is advised that they should be treated before they are used in homes.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic is regarded as the most popular status symbol in developing countries before the development of other types of tiles. In the past, marbles and tiles were found solely in the homes of the rich. In order to find a better alternative for their cement floors, the poor people in the developing countries began making use of mosaic to decorate their floors. This resulted to a boom of the mosaic floors during the 20th century.

Mosaic types of floor tiles are less expensive alternatives to other types of floor tiles. Even at the moment they are still highly regarded by people that prefer things that are more natural.