Types Of Fencing

The types of fencing can vary according to the purpose. Usually, fences are built in order to provide protection, but some fences are more decorative than functional. Here are the types of fencing according to the purpose of the fence.

Fencing for privacy purposes – Fences are built around the property to protect the owners from the prying eyes of neighbors. When the owner of the property is wealthy, he may install high fences to prevent robbery. Some people also value their privacy, like in the case of celebrities. These types of fencing usually require high fences, sometimes imbued with electricity to keep trespassers away.

Fencing for decorative purposes – The fences for these types of fencing are not functional fences in that they don’t do much in the protection department. Usually, the fences for decorative purposes are low and easy to install, like picket fences. The most that they do is to add to the beauty of the lawn, and to delineate the boundary of the property. These types of fencing also include fences used for landscaping, or to designate the point where a particular landscape element ends.

Fencing for domestic animals – Some kinds of fences are meant to keep away predators from the herd of cattle. These fences are heavy duty and do double work. On one hand, they keep predators away, and on the other hand, they prevent horses and livestock from escaping.

Fencing to protect industrial machinery – Many industrial buildings install fences around machinery, both for the purpose of preventing theft as well as to protect accidental trespassers from being hurt by the machinery, for example those that operate on high voltage electricity.

Fences for security – Like the types of fencing done for privacy reasons, fences meant to secure a compound may be installed with CCTV cameras and plenty of lighting to dissuade robbers or trespassers from getting in.

Fences for preventing snow and water from reaching the property – Some areas near beaches and roads are installed with fences for preventing snow or water from getting into the property. This is particularly true for those living near the beach. On days where the waters are rough or there’s a storm in the horizon, the waves can extend their reach far beyond the shore and into the doorstep of nearby residences.

Fences for prisons – These types of fencing are meant to keep prisoners from escaping. The fences are imbued with electricity on the inside, and even the outside. There are also guard outposts installed at intervals to tighten security. The same types of fencing may be seen in airfields, police academies and military installations.

Fences can also be categorized according to the materials used to make them, such as wood, vinyl and metal. Common types of fencing that are made of wood include pine and spruce fences, wattle fencing, bamboo, cedar and oak. Metal fences are favored by many because of the longevity, but some metal fencing are susceptible to rust. Aluminum fences are functional in that they can protect the privacy of the property, but the aluminum sheets should still be anchored by beams of heavy lumber for the fence to remain sturdy. Chain link fencing can be the most impenetrable, with barbed wire fencing coming a close second.