Types Of Famous Conifers

There are various types of famous conifers. Conifer is a type of tree which belongs to Coniferales order. Conifers actually are generally represented with needles, cones, and leaves that are scalelike. Conifer is a term in Latin which means ‘to bear cones.’

They belong to the oldest, largest, and smallest woody plants that are known. Its species numbering to over 500 are distributed around the world and are good sources of timber. They can be very adaptive to landscapes.

There are various types of famous conifers which are listed below.

Grand Fir-It is one of the types of famous conifers which is also known as yellow fir, balsam fir, or white fir. It is the type of tree that grows rapidly found in the Washington Olympic Peninsula rain forest.

Fraser Fir- It is one of the types of famous conifers which is found in the high altitude locations such as the mountains in the southern part of the Appalachian. This type of tree is commonly used for ornamental purposes such as a Christmas tree.

Balsam Fir- It is one of the types of famous conifers which is the most aromatic and cold hardy among all firs. It can reach up to 60 feet. It is very popular in America as a Christmas tree.

Port Orford Cedar – It is the type of tree which is usually found in bogs and swamps. It is commonly used for building boats, furniture, cooperage, or fencing.

Alaska Cedar- Its other names are Nootka cypress,Alaska cypress, yellow cedar and it is a timber specie considered important. It grows very slowly and found in Pacific Northwest with humid, cool climate.

Jack Pine- Its sizes usually vary from small sizes to medium sizes. It is found in Canada’s and the USA’s forests located in the northern part. This type of tree is a very good source of round timber, lumber and pulpwood.

Western Larch- Its other names are western tamarack, tamarack, Montana larch, mountain larch, and hackmatack. Its uses include pulpwood, mine timbers,ties, poles, fine veneer, and lumber.

Western Hemlock-It is found in areas that are usually humid such as in the Rocky Mountains in the northern part and the coast of Pacific. It is the type of tree used as a background for aesthetic purposes in Canada’s and the USA’s four national parks.

White Fir- This type of tree is popular as a Christmas tree. Its many uses include mobile homes, furniture, industrial shook and crating, millwork, paneling, siding, posts, beams, planking, decking, subflooring, sheathing, framing, paper pulp, plywood and lumber.

Shortleaf Pine- This type of tree is considered a commercial conifer in the southeastern part of the USA.Its other names are shortstraw, oldfield, southern yellow and shortleaf yellow.

Pitch Pine-This type of tree has needles that are sharply pointed,spread widely, and cones. Its wood is moderately strong and useful in rough constructions and one in which resistance to decay is vital.

Redwood- This type of tree is also referred to as coast redwood and present in northern and central California coast. This specie is related to the Sierra Nevadas’s giant sequoias.