Types Of Fallacies

Types of fallacies:

There are several types of fallacies that may get stumbled upon during an argument. A fallacy is nothing but a slip-up in conviction supported on an uncertain argument. The different types of fallacies include appeal to ignorance, appeal to authority, appeal to accepted opinion, association fallacy, attacking the person, begging the question; argument in circular form, correlation implies causation fallacy, false dilemma, non-sequitur, and slippery slope.

It is also considered as the slip of tongue while speaking. Many times people speak wrong words while conversing in public. A fallacy could get developed either with an intention or without any intention.

Appeal to authority:

These are nothing but the arguments produced from the humility. Appeal to authority type of fallacy is also called as an argumentum. In this type of fallacy defeating the authority body is important. The arguments that involve direct pointing to the head charge get calculated in this type of fallacy.

Appeal to ignorance:

Taking credits of opponent party’s disability in particular subject is considered as appeal to ignorance type of fallacy. In this type, it is necessary to prove opponent party’s point as wrong and own point as correct. In this type of arguments, lack of knowledge of opponent party plays an important role.

Appeal to accepted opinion:

In this type of appeal it is necessary to accept own defeat. Then it is important to show that opponent party has won just because of the luck factor. This means involving public opinion is crucial in this case.

Association fallacy:

This type of argument involves showing fingers at other’s works. This type is most simple as compared to the other types of fallacies. Most of the people learn this type of fallacy without any training session.

Aggressive behavior with the person:

It is also called as argumentum. Also, it is nothing but the argument process against particular person i.e. hominem. In many debates this type of fallacy gets applied. Since people become aggressive towards anything that they don’t like, it is considered as simple one as compared to the other types of fallacies.

Begging for the question:

When the conclusion of an argument is unspecified and hidden into the several questions then it becomes necessary to apply this kind of fallacy.

Arguments in circles:

This is the most common fallacy amongst all other types of fallacies. In this type, special arrangements on sitting get created for enhancing the productive nature of conclusion of an argument.

Association involving causation fallacy:

In this type of fallacy, two different circumstances get combined and then supporting one of the circumstances with another is involved in this type of fallacy. Though there are several other types of fallacies it is necessary to adopt this one just because of its working behavior.

Fake dialect:

Carrying an argument with the intention of showing two separate reasons is the most preferred type of fallacy. In this type of fallacy it becomes crucial for the person to finger at opponent party for showing their defeat.

Slippery Slope:

As compared to the other types of fallacies this kind of fallacy is well-liked. This fallacy involves daydreaming. Assuming the productivity as desired is the central reason behind this kind of fallacy.

These are few common types of fallacies. However, it is necessary to consider that these fallacies can either improve the performance level or decrease the several possibilities of a defeat.