Types Of Exotic Flowers

There are different types of exotic flowers which add beauty and extra touch to banquets, celebrations, weddings, homes, and gardens. The following is a list of the most popular ones:

Bird of Paradise

These grow in South Africa and are perennial in nature. The bird of paradise has lavishly ornamental flowers that grow at the top of their stalks which can reach up to 5 feet. There are 3 flowers in each of its stalk, and they begin to bloom between winter and early spring. These types of exotic flowers share the same family with the banana plant.


These are little trees and shrubs found in the tropics in America. They are very fragrant and have 5 petals which are neatly arranged. Plumeria have one of the most attractive blooms among several types of exotic flowers. You can get them in pink, red, and white shades. Their fragrance always reaches their best at night which enables them draw the sphinx moth for pollination.


Orchids are among the most common types of exotic flowers with extravagant and delicate blooms. They equally have different types of species that are scattered all over the world. They can grow both in temperate climates and tropical climates as they are easily adaptable. These different varieties can bloom in different seasons and can be collected in order to have a continuous bloom in all seasons of the year.

Pink Quills

These exotic plants are also known as air plants because they are one of the types of exotic flowers that can survive even without soil. They get their nutrients from the tiny pores on their leaves which helps them survive.

Red Ginger:Also very popular, the Red ginger originated from Malaysia, but can also be seen in other tropical regions of the world. They have very long ornamental panicles and they always look covered. These types of exotic flowers have flambouyant green leaves which can reach up to 9 inches wide and 4 feet in length.

Dutch amaryllis:These ones are round shaped and they come in a variety of colors, including white, pink, rose, red, orange, and bicolor.

Anthuriums:They are very thick and rigid in appearance. They have three basic colors: red, pink, and white.

Calla Lily (Zantedeschia): These types of exotic flowers are shaped like trumpets and are very large. It has tiny flowers which surround the spadix.

Equadorian roses: These are among the most beautiful of all types of exotic flowers. They equally have different color ranges, such as red, pink, orange, and yellow.

Gardenias: these are very fragrant and waxy. They can grow about 4 inches wide and can be double or single.

Lilacs: They are one of the most fragrant flowers which can actually travel long distance. Lilacs are beautiful, clustered and purple in color.

Lily of valley: These ones are shaped like a bell and have fragrance that also travels long distance.

Oriental Lily: Oriental lilies can be drooping, stay horizontal, or erect. Some of them are bell shaped while some others are funnel shaped.

Tulips: These flowers have very large flowers and come in different shapes, heights, and color ranges.