Types Of Evergreen Plants

What are the different types of evergreen plants? These plants have the ability to retain their leaves in all the four seasons in a year. They are preferred in landscaping as it gives an environment a healthy look throughout the year. Various types of evergreen trees have adaptive features which ensure that they retain their leaves or only a negligible quantity is lost if such a loss is inevitable. Some of the most common types of evergreen trees include fir, cypress, pine, spruce, cedar, magnolia etc.

These trees have very unique adaptive features which enable them to retain leaves all year round. Almost all types of evergreen trees have needle like leaves with some wax coating besides having very good foliage which helps protect the branches from exposure to harsh weather conditions. With this, they can easily conserve their nutrients and moisture during adverse weather conditions. Most types of evergreen trees are found in tropical regions. However, they can occasionally be found in colder regions as they can also withstand such harsher weather conditions.

These trees can either be flowering or non – flowering plants; it all depends on the type of tree. Various types of evergreen plants normally alter the soil contents where they grow. In most instances, they make the soils acidic which may inhibit the growth of other plants in those regions.

There are very many types of evergreen tree some of which include:

Cypress: This is the commonly used types of evergreen tree. Cypress are soft and have a symmetrical shape which can easily be managed. They are drought tolerant and have an average growth rate of 3 – 4 feet in a year.

Pine tree: There exist over 115 species and it has an average growth rate of 3 – 4 feet in a year. It is also drought resistant.

Fir tree: They have an average growth rate of 1 – 2 feet in a year. Their needle like foliage makes this tree very attractive and ideal for landscaping. They grow upright and are also very symmetric in shape.

Cedar tree: These trees are characterized by a strong fragrance wood. During its early stage, it forms a conical shape although at later stages of growth, it becomes flat. Their growth rate varies depending on the species e.g. for the case of atlas feather cedar, their average growth rate is 1 feet in a year while the eastern red feather has an average growth rate of 1 – 2 feet in a year.

Spruce tree: A good example is the Christmas tree. They have thin leaves which form a whorl pattern.

Magnolia tree: They have broad leaves and bear flowers as well. They have a relatively slower growth rate. It is one of the most planted evergreen trees.

Eucalyptus tree: This one type of evergreen tree with almost the higher growth rate of about 6feet per year. Almost all eucalyptus species are resistant to both pests and drought. It’s bark and leaves are very aromatic thus scares pests away.