Types Of Engineering

What are the different types of engineering? Engineering, from the root word itself, means basically creating new things. There are many types of engineering, each on its own specialty as well as its own field. These types of engineering, however, no matter how different they are from each other have one goal – to make our lives better. There are so many types of engineering, but the most common are aerospace engineering, industrial engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, marine and ocean engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, and civil engineering among others.

Aerospace engineering are basically types of engineering that focus on anything that happens in space. It can involve aircrafts or space crafts. It can involve missiles and rockets as well as satellites, too. Aerospace technology is the study of things that can be done with objects present in the air and water. This is why golf balls, tall buildings, and even hydrofoil ships are also covered by this.

Industrial engineering are types of engineering that focus on manpower, machines, and other factors that make our live easier. In other words, the industrial engineers are called efficiency experts. They make sure that the current things around us work efficiently. If they find that they aren’t working efficient enough, they look for ways to improve them.

Computer engineering is among the types of engineering that covers pretty much everything that has to do with computers. Computer engineers are the people who design and construct, implement, and maintain computers and other computer related machines and equipment – of course, for the benefit of mankind. Many say that this is somewhat a part of mechanical engineering. It is true. However, due to the recent breakthroughs in technology, the need for these types of engineering to stand alone arose.

Electrical engineering are types of engineering that focus on the electronics around us. They are the ones who provide us with the latest gadgets and devices that we can use for business and for pleasure. They are the ones who invent and improvise digital cameras or even medical equipment or roller coasters. Robotics is part of electrical engineering, as well. Therefore, if you are into these kinds of stuff, then you may want to be an electrical engineer.

Marine and ocean engineering, as the name implies, are types of engineering that focus on the marine and ocean wildlife. They create and design marine vehicles. They implement new machines to ensure that our marine life and oceans are safe and flourishing as well. Also, they are the ones who make sure that harbors and docks, as well as other marine structures, are effectively working.

Mechanical engineering are types of engineering that focuses on pretty much anything that has to do with mechanics. As long as there is mechanical process, the mechanical engineer will take control of it. Some of the most notable projects of mechanical engineers include aircraft carriers, lifesaving medical devices, sailboats, wheelchairs, and the like. This is why computer engineering is said to be part of this type, as computers employ mechanical reasoning as well.