Types Of Electric Guitars

What are the different types of electric guitars? An electric guitar uses pickup to produce the sound. It is generated by electromagnetic induction. The sound generated is amplified and sent to the loudspeakers. You can also add distortion and reverb to change the sound quality of the guitar. There are various types of electric guitars. Electric guitars are widely used in modern times. The two most important types of electric guitars are solid-bodied guitars and semi-acoustic guitars there is a third one which is electric- acoustic guitar, within these guitars there are many other types of electric guitars. Electric guitars are of many types. These are classified based on their body and sound. Though amplifier and the pick-up gadgets are all that makes it perfect but the unique style can harmonize it with the players’ comfort as well. So many of the time people prefer their own accustomed electric guitars of their own style with more fashion and style in their look.


The solid body electric guitar does not have any resonating chamber, thus the main reason their sound is different. They have a body made of wood and have holes only in place needed for pickup. They can reject unwanted feedback. The various types of solid body guitars are Stratocaster, Telecaster, Les Paul, SG, etc.… The Fender Stratocaster is the most popular type of electric guitar. Jimi Hendrix also used this type of guitar. The Telecaster is mainly a part of country music. The Les Paul guitar by Gibson is perhaps the oldest electric guitar. It is a heavy weight with one of a kind music. Les Paul, with two p-90 single coil the classical guitar of the 1950s with a single cutaway basically famous for being thick sound, heavy metal rockers 1st choice on stage. SG, twin horn lighter design and of course double humbuckerpickups to gear it as an extraordinary electric guitar. Instead all of these there are other types of electric guitars like explorer, jazz master, flying V, Jem etc. Based on their unique style of the guitar.


Semi-acoustic guitars have a hollow body. Thus an intense, responsive sound is produced by them. Semi-acoustic guitars still rely on an amplifier. One disadvantage of these guitars is they are prone to regenerative feedback. The types of semi-acoustic guitars are Gibson 335, Rickenbacker 330, Archtop, and Gibson ES-175. Archtop has a hollow body and heat pressed laminated guitars looked like acoustics are less expensive electric guitar type used for playing all types of songs in the uncut and release versions. Their back is arched to the top with a single piece if wood made its name. They are more preferred for jazz and acoustic songs. Semi acoustic is the most preferred over pop singers and the live shows also. Most of them are designed to play versatile song types so featured with unique pickups, and based on their hollow space and its depth sounder differs from guitar to guitar.


This type of electric guitar is acoustic guitar with pickups. These are usually played with an amplifier. They have a different tone of the electric guitars. These types of electric guitars are most favorite of solo singers.