Types Of Education

What are the different types of education? Education is very important for all of us to have. This dictates the level of our literacy. It defines how much we know about the field that we chose. It dictates the level up to where our career may get. This is why there are different types of education. These types of education are formal or academic, informal, adult, and special.

Formal or academic types of education are basically the education that we get from school. These are where academic skills and trade skills are being taught. Here, we get to learn how to write and read. Here, we get to know the history of places and things. There are so many things to teach. This is why there are many levels of the academic types of education.

Nursery education is among the academic types of education. This is the first step in the academic process as this is for kids that are between the ages of 3 to 5. Here, kids are taught to be independent. Here, they are taught how life is outside their homes. Primary education is where kids are taught science, mathematics, social sciences and language. This is taught to children from 6 to 8 years old. Secondary education comes after primary education. This is the final stage of schooling to most kids. Higher education pertains to education that is taken by people to learn certain skills that they can use for their careers. These are non-compulsory, but very much needed.

Informal education is basically education through informal methods. These are types of education wherein no certain curriculum is followed. This is basically teaching a kid from home. A good example of informal education is teaching your 2 year old child the different colors and shapes. Also, informal education entails personal trainings and teaching. For instance, a farmer can teach his son to work.

Special education methods are types of education that focuses on special children. Special children are the handicapped and the mentally challenged. Sometimes, there are kids that need special attention in school because of these. Due to being mentally challenged or handicapped, children will need special attention in school because they might not be able to comply with the regular needs of the academic types of education. This is why there is a curriculum specially designed for them. This is done so that even they will be able to learn what normal kids learn. Sometimes, they even get to a point where they will be able to read and write like the normal kids do. This is the main importance of the special types of education.

Lastly, we have adult education. These are types of education wherein the goal is to be able to teach all the skills needed to be considered literate. These are basically classes that prepare one to take on jobs. These can be associate degree programs wherein one takes classes to specifically enhance his or her knowledge in a certain skill to perform in a field he or she chooses. There are three types of adult education – class based, e-learning, and self-directed.