Types Of Doors

What are the different types of doors? Doors are a necessity as they are quite important as well. They secure our homes and our vehicles. They allow us to shut our homes to the outside world. It gives us privacy and solitude too. Technically, doors are defined as entry or exit ways of swinging barriers that can be opened or closed. There are many different types of doors. This is why when you are planning to choose a door for your home, you can be sure to have quite a variety.

The slab door is the most basic of the different types of doors. It is simply a rectangular piece of wood or metal. They don’t even come with hinges or any hardware. Indeed, the slab door is the most simple and plain among all the types of doors.

The most common among the types of doors would be the French door. When you hear of a French door, expect a door that is characterized by a framed divided glass. They are known mainly because of their ability to showcase an open space and because of their ability to allow light to enter through the glass.

Tilt doors are among the types of doors that are used in garages. As the name of the door implies, these doors open through tilting. Most people use this door as they are very cost effective while being able to provide a huge opening.

In modern minimalist house designs you can often see the gliding doors. The gliding doors can be quite expensive. However, many people like the style as they are very simple, straightforward and relaxing. The gliding doors are characterized by two to four panels that can slide past each other. It has a tight seal which makes controlling the home’s humidity easier.

When it comes to stables and sheds, most people opt for the Dutch doors among all the types of doors. You see, Dutch doors are doors that are split horizontally in the center. You can opt to close the bottom part and have the top part open. This is why they are also called stable doors as they are mostly used in such. It allows both light and air in through the top part and prevent your pets from passing through since you can leave the bottom part closed. Also, these doors allow horses to be fed while preventing them from going out – therefore an effective way to keep them.

Lastly, we have the screen doors. Most people choose to get these security screen doors because they are effective in making sure that no insects or other small surfaces enter the house. They allow air and sunlight to pass through it as well, as they are mainly screens that have metal frames in it. This is why many people choose to add screen doors to their front doors as they add security and function to it.

There are quite a lot more types of doors that you can choose from. There are roller doors, stacker doors, and sliding doors among others. Therefore, no matter what design you want your home to have, there is surely a door that will look perfect with it.