Types Of Disaster

What are the different types of disaster? Disasters are events that we just don’t want to go through. They are hazards that can cause physical destruction and damages to the things around us, including our homes and other properties. We don’t know when disasters will strike. This is why we have to be ready for it. There are two main types of disaster. The names of these two determine the cause of the disaster. The main types of disaster are manmade and natural.

Natural types of disaster are those that are brought about by natural causes. Basically, these are disasters caused by nature or the environment. There are many natural types of disaster. These include earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, volcanic activities, wildfires, epidemics, plagues, storms, floods, and many others. These are types of disaster that are known as acts of God. The thing is that natural types of disaster can happen at certain areas. There are areas that are prone to some of these and there are areas that are not. For instance, Hawaii is prone to having volcanic activity as there are a lot of volcanoes there. However, the chances that there will be thunderstorms there is bleak given that they are a tropical place.

Earthquakes occur due to the movement of the earth’s tectonic plates. Earthquakes can happen anywhere, but there are areas more prone to this. Many things can cause a landslide. It can be an earthquake or maybe the lack of trees that can cause them. Tsunamis occur when an earthquake occurs under the sea. The water will then react to this movement, causing very large waves – the tsunamis. Volcanic activities happen when the heat of the earth’s crust gets out. Wildfires can be caused by too much drought. Epidemics and plagues, on the other hand, can be carried by animals. For instance, the malaria fever is brought by mosquitos. If a certain malaria mosquito bites two people from different places, both of them gets sick. Storms happen everywhere, they are the ones that cause flooding. Tornadoes happen when the warm air and the cold breeze intersect. They create a cone-like wind that will destroy everything on its path.

Manmade types of disaster, on the other hand, are disasters caused by man. These types of disaster are also called anthropogenic as they are the result or outcome of human intent. There are also many types of manmade disasters. Some of them are just simple, but some can wipe out a whole state. A very good example of a manmade disaster is the nuclear bomb. Humans made the bomb. When it was deployed, the catastrophe was great. There are many other manmade disasters that occur in our everyday life. These manmade disasters include oil spills and chemical spills in the bodies of water, arson, and even terrorism. There are also manmade disasters that are technological. These are fire hazards, industrial hazards and even power outages. But the most common of the manmade disasters happen every day through the many different transportation types. Whether it is through cars, airplanes or boats, these transportation methods have claimed more lives than you can imagine.