Types Of Different Poems

When people think of poems the first thing that comes to their heads is a bunch of stanzas that rhyme in different ways but that isn’t always the case because there are many types of different poems. We come across these often but we do not realize that what we are reading is actually one of the many types of different poems- by way of example, not all types of different poems make use of rhymes or rhyming words. Many do but not all poems do and there are so types of different poems out there.

One of the many types of different poems is known as a ballad which is usually above love. It can be about a loved one, a thing that the author loves or the general concept of love. Similes or metaphors are used in order to help the reader understand what the poet thinks of a person/thing because sometimes metaphors are able to help them express more as compared to what they can express in literal words and meanings. Sometimes a poet may use a character or person in the poem to explain how they feel towards a concept. The concept is given life via this character.

Many poets would like to make the reader imagine something and these types of different poems are known as imagery poems. Think of these types of different poems as you would of a picture- except there are words instead of pictures and images. Imagery poems are very powerful because they can help you imagine something so vividly and a poet may use similes and metaphors that focus more on the image and picture he wants to create in your head/mind. That is the only way he can make you understand how he feels.

The most amusing of all types of different poems are limericks and usually the first two and the next two stanzas rhyme while the fifth one does not rhyme with either of these. Many poems have used these types of different poems to explain the humor in a particular happening, thing or person and again, the metaphors are used to point out the poems amusement more than anything else. Some of these may be sarcastic and witty while others may be written in a language that adults and youngsters, both, can enjoy and understand. Limericks were and still are quite popular amongst readers of all ages.

These are just some of the different types of different poems. Most of these are short. There are those types of different poems that are much longer and are referred to as epic poems. Usually these are narrative more than anything else and they are more descriptive too. Some poems are much shorter, concise and poets manage to convey their messages via the use of these poems. Poems were actually a source of entertainment back when theatre was still developing and poetry was one of the earliest methods via which writers were able to humor and entertain the masses.