Types Of Diamond Cuts

What are the types of diamond cuts? Diamond are naturally occurring stones whose quality depends entirely on the types of cut chosen for making different shapes and surfaces which are mostly the geometrical shapes. The extent to which diamonds disperses various spectral colours, its brilliance and the sparkling traits entirely depend on various types of diamond cuts.

There are three major types of cuts which lead to the achievement of various qualities of surfaces. These types of diamond cuts include the step cut, the brilliant cut and the step cut.

The step cut

The above images show some of the most common types of shapes achieved when these types of diamond cuts are used to make jewels from diamond. They have large facets which appear to be in parallel but in steps as can be vividly seen from the sample images above. Using these cuts, the three qualities of diamond are slightly reduced. That is, the surface is not very bright, relatively sparkling surface etc.

Examples of the step cuts are the emerald cut, the asscher cut, and the baguette cut etc.

The emerald cut

These types of diamond cuts are characterized by facets running in such away that they seem to form steps. They have 25 to 58 facets. It is very popular cut and is known to be Hollywood’s best shape.

The asscher cut

There is no big difference between these types of diamond cuts and the emerald types except for its square edges and the depth of cut. The rectangular facets are cut in such a way that they resemble joined stairs. This cut has since developed since it was introduced by Joseph Asscher. Among the celebs who has used these types of cuts is Ryan Philip

The baguette

They are cheaper as compared to the other types of diamond cuts. It has about 14 facets. They are mostly made from rough diamonds which cannot be transformed to higher quality cuts.

The brilliant diamond cuts

These types of diamond cuts are the most common due to their bright, fire and sparkling nature. They are considered as the perfect cut of all the cuts. The brilliant diamond cuts come in variety of geometrical shapes. The diagrams below show some of the most common types of brilliant diamond cuts. They have at least 58 facets.

An example of these types of diamond cuts include the marquise shape diamond which has about 58 facets and resembles an oval shape but it has very soft and round edges. Another very common type of brilliant cut is the heart shaped cut. It’s mostly preferred in romantic occasions. The third cut is the mixed cuts

The most common types of diamond cuts in this category are the princess cut and the radiant cuts. The mixed diamond cuts combines the technology used in the brilliant cuts and that used in the step cut. In several occasions, the pavilion is made using the brilliant cut while the crown is made using the step diamond cut. This results into an exclusively good pattern.

4Cs is the only way various diamond jewellery can be grade and this can only come out very clearly when appropriate types of diamond cuts are used. This clearly indicates how significant diamond cuts are.