Types Of Degrees In Engineeiring

When you decide what academic area you want to follow, it usually translates into a certain profession. For instance, if you decide to study psychology, you will most probably become a psychologist; f you opt for medicine, you ‘ll end up working as a doctor at a hospital; or if you choose to study the law, you will turn out to be a lawyer working for a law firm. But if you choose to study engineering, there is no way to tell what kind of engineer you shall become, or where you would be working! It could be that you work for a construction company, for an oil company, a computer firm, for the army, or even for NASA. Do not act surprised! Since there are so many types of degrees in engineering, each one corresponds to different professions, which are miles part from one another, but still within the field of engineering. For example, electrical engineering, civil engineering, chemical and biomedical engineering, aerospace engineering, are all types of degrees in engineering.

Very common among the various types of degrees in engineering is that of civil engineering. Most of the construction sites you see around your city, like the construction of roads, bridges, traffic light placement, and of course the house you live in, is under the supervision of a civil engineer. He is the person responsible for designing such constructs making sure that they have sold foundations, and does so by also taking into account issues of drainage, issues of safety for the people involved (both during and after construction), as well as environmental issues.

The most popular of all types of degrees in engineering, though, is that of electrical engineering. It offers wide knowledge on the several aspects of electricity and electrical circuits, as well as the know-how to develop new technologies that take advantage of natural resources like the sun, the wind, the water, etc.

Closely related to electrical engineering, but completely different from the other types of degrees in engineering is computer engineering. It is a relatively new field, which is growing rapidly due to the market’s high demand in software development, telecommunications and manufacturing experts. As for biomechanical and petroleum engineering, these are two types of degrees in engineering that are also under development, since they can offer solutions to environmental and waste control challenges, as well as alternatives for the energy industry.

As far as the most impressive of all types of degrees in engineering, that is definitely aerospace engineering. Designing space stations, rockets, and space shuttles (especially for an organization like NASA) that help mankind expand its knowledge of the universe and beyond it, will turn your life as an engineer to a very impressive and meaningful one.

Nevertheless, there are types of degrees in engineering that can be highly rewarding for you, even if your aspirations are not so aetherial. For example, agricultural engineering can prove to be a very interesting profession for someone who wants to combine scientific thought with the practical skills to improve agricultural technologies, so that they are both more efficient and eco-friendly.

Overall, there are so many types of degrees in engineering that, if you choose to become an engineer, there is no way you do not find the degree that best matches your inclinations and interests.