Types Of Dance

What are the different types of dance? Dancing is an art. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful forms, actually. It employs the use of different music, movement, and colorful costumes. They are also considered as profession as well. This is why the many different types of dance from all over the world have been influencing each other. Here are some of the most common types of dance.

Ballroom dances, as the name implies, are types of dance that are usually presented and done in ballrooms. In the olden days, only the elite are known to be the ones to dance these. These are types of dance that requires a partner. There are many subcategories of these types of dance. These subcategories are tango, waltz, foxtrot, cha-cha, rumba, samba, and jive.

Tango dances are ballroom types of dance wherein the male holds the lead. There are many different tango varieties. For instance, there is a variety that is of international standard and of an American standard. Waltz is among the types of dance that are characterized by melodic and slow music. This is known to be the most gracious of the types of dance. It requires utmost grace and fluidity to perform delicate dance moves. Foxtrot is a combination of slow and fast dances. This is a ballroom dance that gives the dancer flexibility. The name foxtrot was named after Harry Fox, the actor. The cha-cha is a Latin American dance that is very rhythmic. This is characterized by energetic movements in slow music. Rumba is a dance that is very sensual. This dance requires hip movement that is slow. Among the other types, this is known because of the slow rhythmic music that has beautiful dance steps. Samba, on the other hand, has many forms. These are also danced in energetic music. Lastly, the jive is a lively ballroom dance form. This also originated from Latin American roots. These were mostly danced during the 30s to the 40s, where dancers are moving gracefully to jazz music.

The bolero dances are among the types of dance that can be danced solo. It originated in Spain and is danced in slow music that is very sensual as well. The mambo, on the other hand, is a Latin dance that involves the use of different steps. This is the dance that is said to be the father of salsa. The east coast swing is a partner dance, too. This is consisted of many simple steps that follow Lindy Hop.

Salsa is very common among types of dance that originated in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Latin America. This is also a partner dance that is known to be very flirtatious. Couples can perform many different dance steps in the same spot, when it comes to the salsa. The many different dance steps that compose the salsa originated from Rumba, Mambo, Changui, and Palo. The Lambada, lastly, is a dance that is known to be very stylish and sexy. Originating from Brazil, this dance is performed by couples or groups.