Types Of Conifers

Want to know about different Types of conifers which are available in all over the world:

Conifers are those types of plants that are available in almost all over the world. They are not specific in some areas. They are having cone bearing seeds plants that covers the plants. There are 700 living species of conifers. They are woody plants. They are very soft in texture. Their wood is usually used in the making of paper and timber. Mostly the types of conifers are trees but some are in the shrub forms. They are also using as the decoration pieces in the houses. They are covered with colorful paints and put in the house to attract people. At the time of dinosaurs, they were the favorite food of herbivorous dinosaurs, the poison and resins that their seeds were contained give these dinosaurs a protection against the herbivores. There are various types of conifers, some of them are:

Pine trees:

Pine trees are the most important types of conifers. They are further having 100 species in them. They are common and almost every country has pine trees. They are very long and like thin needles that are surrounded with the two, three or four bundles. Their branches are growing in the curved and ringed shapes that are known as ‘whorls’. They are sunshine lovers and can grow fast in those areas that are having direct sunshine and acidic soils.


Other famous types of conifers are cedar. These are in the form of trees and can be divided into two main forms the false cedars and the true cedars. True cedars are usually located in the Himalayas and Mediterranean areas. They are also appearing in the dense clusters of the seeds that are placed in the needles of the trees. The cones are barrel shaped and grow on the edges of the top branches.

False cedars are although have similar features as the other conifers have but they are slightly different than the others. They have small shaped leaves that are overlapping each other. Some have erect cones that are placed on the trees and have fragrant woods. The few further types of false cedars are white cedars and eastern red cedars.


They are also dividing in two main categories true fir and false fir. Their cones are also stiff and placed on the most top branches of the tree. They are also known as balsam firs due to the petite pockets of balsam. Their leaves are highly scented and 1 inch long. Another type of fir is known as false fir that is named as Douglas fir. They are different in their cones that are shaped in pitch-fork bracts.


They are appeared in the whorl branches mostly like pine trees. Their cones are also low instead of stand up. They have rigid and sharp needles mostly in the length of 1 inch. They are quite similar to fir trees.


They are quite a different type of conifers. They are 1 inch long in the length and their needles get yellow before they drop from the trees. But like other conifers their needles are not sharper but rather softer.