Types Of Conflict

What are the different types of conflict? The term conflict is used to define a disagreement of opinions, ideas, and desires. There are different types of conflict that can arise from different people that interact. Conflicts can be present in couples, peers, politics, and pretty much in everything that interacts. It is important that one knows and understands the different types of conflict so that one should know how to react in given situations.

Relationship Conflicts are pretty much the most common of the types of conflict. You see, this can occur in people that have relationships – family members, friends, couples, and the like. There are many different types of conflict that happen with people you have relationships with. You may have disagreements, miscommunications, negative behaviors and emotions, and the like. These types of conflict are not that hard to solve. This is because given that you are in conflict with people you have a relationship with parties are more likely to open their minds to understanding the other.

Interest conflicts are types of conflict that are defined as disagreement where the needs of one party are ignored by the other. Most of the time, conflicts of interest occurs in workplaces. This is because there are things that we do at work that may not complement the things we do outside of work – causing conflicts of interest.

The values types of conflict are those that define the misunderstandings and disagreement of people who were raised in different religious backgrounds as well as cultures. You see, there are many different beliefs that a culture or a religion may have that other religions and cultures don’t. Most of the time, there are disagreements in these nature. These are the types of conflict that are considered to be under this type.

Leadership conflicts, on the other hand, are types of conflict that occur as a result of the diverse planning and leadership styles of the people in upper managements of companies. These disagreements then cause different problems in the workplace. There are different factors that affect these types of conflict. Some of these factors include expectations, personality, and the like. When these kinds of conflict occur, this can lead to problems that can bring the company down.

Personality conflicts are types of conflict that are, well, caused by clashing personalities. The personality conflicts can happen everywhere. It can happen at home, in school, at the workplace – anywhere. Here, emotions play a huge part. For instance, if you have a teacher that you think has a personality that’s clashing with yours you might end up not coming to class.

Style conflicts depend on each person’s style preferences. Each of us has different ways to achieve our goals and finish our tasks at hand. These can cause different conflicts. Especially on the workplace, there are certain procedures, directions, and rules to follow. There are companies that require their people to strictly abide by these things. If you can’t do it as is, then you might get in trouble as it is considered a conflict of style.