Types Of Communication Skills

What are the different types of communication skills? In our everyday life, no matter where we go, we interact. No matter what we do or who we are, it is important that we know how to properly communicate. Communication is a huge and vital part of being human. This being said, it is now clear that we have the responsibility of being able to know how to properly communicate – and this doesn’t just mean talking. There are types of communication skills that we have to know and understand in order to be able to effectively be understood and understand the people we interact with.

Communication can be either verbal or non-verbal. As we all know, verbal communication entails talking. This is how we use words in order to communicate. On the other hand we have non-verbal communication. This consists of body language and other communication methods that don’t involve conversing or talking. However, being able to master these two isn’t enough. There are two types of communication skills that one should be familiar about in order to make sure that he or she will be able to communicate well and effectively.

The first of the two types of communication skills is intra-personal. Intra-personal communication skills, from the root word “intra”, entails being able to communicate from within. It involves communicating from one’s self or contemplation. An example of intra-personal communication would be writing a diary. You see, when you are writing a diary or a journal you are jotting down things coming from your mind and experiences. This being said, a diary or a journal is a good example of being able to communicate basing on your own meditation or reflection. A more common example of intra-personal communication skills would be praying. You see, when you are praying, you are communicating and conversing with spirits or the holy. Whether you are praying from within or using memorized prayers or rituals, you are still exercising your intra-personal communication skills.

The other half of the types of communication skills is interpersonal. Interpersonal communication skills, on the other hand, are more direct. Some sources even refer to interpersonal communication as communicating when being dependent to others. Interpersonal communication skills entail being able to converse and talk to two or even more people. This is why among the two types of communication skills this is more complex. It can involve focused interactions which involves being able to converse face to face with another person, unfocused interactions which implicates just being able to observe or listen to those taking, non-verbal communication, and mass communications which is basically being able to communicate directly by the help of mass media. Mass communications can also mean writing books and making movies, as this just means being able to deliver your message to many people.

You see, it is very important that you are able to master both two types of communication skills. No matter what it is that you do, you will need to be able to clearly convey your message. It is important that you are able to deliver your messages as they are, and you will only be able to do this if you know and understand very well the different types of communication skills.