Types Of Common Prose

Prose is a language form which unlike poetry, does not observe any rhythm since it uses grammatical structures that are considered ordinary and closely resembles daily speeches in its pattern.Prose is usually used in law, philosophy,history, film, broadcasting, encyclopedias, magazines, newspapers, literature and many various communication forms. Types of common prose include story, science fiction, tragedy, theme, saga, narrative, myth,literature, legend, hagiography, folk tale, fiction, fable, drama, comedy, short stories, essays, novels and works concerning criticism.

Below are several types of common prose discussed in detail:

Short Story- This is a narrative type of prose the length of which is limited. This is one of the types of common prose which probably started in the same period as the literature. The oldest short story is probably the tale with the title ‘The Two Brothers’ that originated in Egypt that was written around 3200 B.C. Amazingly, its original has been kept preserved until today. Usually, dialogues, commentaries and descriptions are seen in short stories. Other short story examples are those by Ernest Hemingway entitled ‘Well-lighted Place’ and by Jack London entitled ‘To Build a Fire.’

Fairy Tale- This is also a short story about some supernatural and magical events. Usually, this is one of the types of common prose in which the characters are called ‘the princess,’ ‘the queen,’ ‘the king,’ and ‘the prince.’ In a fairy tale, it is typical of its main heroine or hero to encounter some misfortunes or fortunes such as when the story progresses. The characters usually encounter some adventures and conflicts as well before the story ends happily and successfully. Often a fairy tale basically is not complete without the inclusion of charms, magic, disguises as well as some spells in the story.Mostly a fairy tale has happy endings and virtues of the characters are always commended and rewarded. The fairy tale collections which are considered the best include the ones by Perrault in France, Croker and Keightley in England, the Grimm brothers in Germany, Basile in Italy and Hans Christian Andersen in Denmark.

Tale- This is one of the types of common prose which includes some magical and amazing events. It somewhat consists of a summary; however,characters are not drawn in detail. To present the characters is not its goal rather it is to reveal the amazing things. The perfect example of a tale is ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’

Parable- This is one of the types for common prose which is quite present in the Holy Bible. It is a brief narrative from which lessons are learned and religious truths are explained.

Fable- This is one of the types of common prose which incorporates some behavior patterns and morals. The characters used in the story are usually animals with their innate traits yet they talk and look like humans. Aesop’s fables are the oldest in the west. Many believe the first fables were from India and Greece.

Novel-This is one of the types of common prose which resembles a short story since it also includes many various possibilities and kinds but longer. It is the most popularly read today. Its examples include ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ by Helen Fielding and ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ by J.K. Rowling.