Types Of Comedy Genres

There are various types of comedy genres nowadays. Comedy has evolved over the years because things that were not once socially acceptable are now widely accepted today. If you check out some comedies (series and movies) you would come across different types of comedy genres. Often screen writers use different genres within one show or movie to make the series or movie more rich in comedy. You will also find that comedies now deal with a number of issues and matters and that is why there are different types of comedy genres.

One of the most common of these is dark comedy. It is called dark comedy because it refers to topics such as drugs, rape, genocide, abuse (emotional or physical) and other issues. You would also find these types of comedy genres in horror movies and in thrillers. Generally people tend to frown upon these types of comedy genres and think of comedians who make use of these genres to be insensitive. The point may not be to offend but merely to bring such issues into light because people tend to ignore these but when referred to in the comical sense they at least consider talking about these issues on a public platform.

Wit and word play are also types of comedy genres. Characters in movies or series with such types of comedy genres tend to have quick humor and a ‘sharp tongue’ and they also tend to be very sarcastic. You would come across at least one character in every show or movie who makes use of such humor. Even Shakespeare uses this genre in order to make a point in some of his poetry, plays and books. These types of comedy genres also tend to be crude, rude and harsh and involve the manipulation of words in a certain way.

Other types of comedy genres also include mockumentaries. A mockumentary is basically a parody of a show or movie that may have been more serious in nature. Blue comedy is another genre that needs to be used carefully because it involves the use of sexist and racist jokes, words and such like. Women and gay men and women tend to frown upon the use of these types of comedy genres.

Another of the various types comedy genres is deadpan comedy. While it isn’t a specific type of comedy as such, a person who is able to joke while keeping a straight face is said to be using these types of comedy genres. Again, you will find at least one person making us of this genre in various seasons. Generally speaking British people are said to be good at deadpan comedy. Topical comedy is one of those types of comedy genres that tend to get a bit annoying at times though it is still popular and if you look at various talk shows, you would find these types of comedy genres being used. A topic is chosen and talked about while joking about it at the same time.