Types Of Christmas Tree Lights

There are many different Types Of Christmas Tree Lights. Christmas is considered to be one of the most special events for Christians all over the world. In addition to many other attractions, the Christmas tree lights are the main source of enjoyment for both young and old. There is a large variation of different types of Christmas tree lights that prove to be helpful in the better and beautiful attraction of the Christmas tree. In the beginning, the lights used to decorate the Christmas tree were of flame instead of electric. In the same way, at that time the Christmas tree lights were quite expensive and were used only by Government and commercial owners to light up their places. However, in the present times different types of Christmas tree lights are available at very affordable rates and almost everyone can decorate their tree for Christmas.

The lights for Christmas tree consists of various sizes, colors, shapes, texture, and length etc. there are two main kinds of bulbs designed particularly for the decoration of Christmas tree: the conventional incandescent bulbs and the advanced LED bulbs. The incandescent bulbs are the types of Christmas tree lights that basically depend on a filament in order to keep them lighted. These types of bulbs are not considered to be long lasting and can easily break. On the other hand, the LED bulbs are long lasting and there is no filament inside the bulb. As compared to the incandescent bulbs, the latest LED bulbs are quite expensive and also consume less electricity. The beautiful LED lights are available in different shapes as well as sizes such as mini lights, round shaped lights, and big pointed varieties.

Blue, green, red, and white colors of lights are considered to be the traditional colors for the decoration of a Christmas tree. However, with the passage of time several cool and enchanting colors have been included in this list such as soft orange, pink, purple, and soft white. Same like, besides the traditional bubble, large, and mini lights, different types of new shapes had been introduced which helps to decorate the Christmas tree in a unique and adorable way. The bubble lights for Christmas trees were once thought to be quite dangerous, however now the bubble lights are safe and sound. Other types of Christmas tree lights are of string lights which consist of almost 100 lights in a single string. Normally, this light is wrapped all around the Christmas tree which looks very beautiful and the color can be selected according to your own choice.

The frosted type of Christmas tree lights are the kind of string lights giving an iced or frosted look. Strawberry lights are also quite popular among the Christmas tree lights and is generally available in three sizes. This type of lights actually comprises of textured plastic as coatings which provides the light an illusion of strawberry. In the modern times, the snowflake Christmas lights are considered to be an excellent choice which are shaped like snowflake and are available in white color. In addition to Christmas lights, there are various other things that can be used to enhance the beauty of the Christmas tree such as snowmen ornaments, paper cut-outs, and clear glass ornaments etc.