Types Of Christmas Decorations

Learn about Types Of Christmas Decorations. Christmas decorations refer to the ornamentations in the house, buildings, establishments, offices, parks, etc. used as part of the Christmas celebration around the world. All types of Christmas decorations include the traditional colors such as heart red, snow white and pine green or evergreen. White and blue hues are often included as well as a representation of winter. Silver and gold as well as other metallic colors are common colors during Christmas. The types of Christmas decorations include the holiday icons which are considered typical such as the Bethlehem star, Baby Jesus and Santa Claus. Winter icons typically include icicles, snowmen, snowflakes, and even polar bears and penguins that are some of the attractive types of Christmas decorations.

Many countries celebrate Christmas and use decorations based on their traditions and the availability of the resources. Below are the various types of Christmas decorations seen in various countries around the world:

In the USA, Europe and Australia, snowmen, Christmas figures, lights as well as illuminated sleighs are traditionally seen on the outside of homes. Decorations are sponsored by the municipalities as well. At the city center, Christmas trees are also present and from the street lights, Christmas banners are hung as well.

All types of Christmas decorations also include plants. The poinsettia which is a plant native to Mexico was first used in decorations in the 19th century. Christmas cactus, red amaryllis, ivy, mistletoe, and holly are popular plants during Christmas. These plants along with evergreen foliage and garlands complement the Christmas tree in the home.

Wreaths are always present during Christmas and they are usually made with the use of conifer branches that are either artificial or real, holly, or broadleaf evergreens such as magnolias seen in the American South Christmas decorations. Also in a wreath various evergreen types or deciduous branches together with berries, pinecones as well as Christmas ornaments such as jingle bells are used. A bow may be added at the bottom or top with an unlit or electric candle set in the middle. Christmas decorations are never complete without the Christmas lights hung from windows, doors, light fixtures, lampposts, walls and at times statuary.

Various types of Christmas decorations include the Christmas tree. Many believe that this tradition of including the Christmas tree as a decoration began in Germany during the 18th century. In fact, the term ‘Christmas tree’ was borrowed from the German language and was first used in 1835. George III’s wife Queen Charlotte introduced this custom to England, and through Prince Albert at the time of Queen Victoria’s early reign. The custom started from the circulation of the first picture of the Christmas tree that the USA republished which originated from the Queen’s palace in England in the 1840s. Christmas trees are typically decorated with ornaments and lights.

Other types of Christmas decorations often use angels, candy canes, candles, bells and stockings. Stockings are considered to be among the very popular Christmas decoration items. They may come in various forms such as sock-shaped bags, simple velvet or animated ones.