Types Of Catholic Churches

There are 6 main types of Catholic churches. You see, there are many different kinds of them and the knowledge of what they are can give you a pretty good idea of how they will function. This is why there are many people who need to know what the types of Catholic churches are. Well, here are the types of Catholic churches that you should know and understand.

Cathedral is the chief and the biggest types of Catholic churches. This is where bishops are found and seen. This is where you will see a throne too for him. The Bishop does not really reside in the cathedral. However, it is always a guarantee that he resides somewhere near it. This is where a Bishop will fulfill his duties to teach people, conduct masses, and many other Christian activities.

Basilicas are divided into two types of Catholic churches. There are major basilicas and minor basilicas. Basically, the major basilicas are the ones that are found in the greatest ecclesiastical places in the world. This is why you will notice that there is one in Rome and the other holiest places in the eyes of the Catholic people. Major Basilicas also have a papal throne. However, no one can sit here and say mass from here aside from him and when he gives his permission. In minor basilicas, certain practices are made, one of which is carrying the bell on state occasions and showing yellow and red silk in the arms of the cardinal.

Chapels are the small ones that are mostly informal. They are types of Catholic churches that are basic, really. Generally, a chapel can be a room that has a small altar. This is why the most religious people are able to have them on their side as they are easy to be formed.

Oratories are types of Catholic churches that basically mean they are a prayer place. When priests say that there can be massed held here then they will be, but on a normal day they are just for the people’s prayers. There are three types of oratories that are below the types of Catholic churches. These types are public, semipublic and public, which are basically what their name implies. Public ones, however, should be erected by bishops themselves. Semipublic ones are those that are built in private buildings. Private ones are of course ones in the houses of the people.

Parish Church is where a priest holds his mass. This is where he stays and this is his office too and is found everywhere on earth. The priest can do many things in here such as baptize and wed as well. Each church should have an income and the parish priest will be responsible for this.

Lastly, there are crypts which are normally built for the dead. But they are considered as one of the types of Catholic churches and there are masses that are held here. Before, crypts are made underground. But these days, they are not like that anymore and they are already well lit and bright.0