Types Of Carpet

What are the different types of carpet? Carpets are defined as floor covering of different materials. They can be made out of cloth, wood, and many others. During the olden days, carpets are also used as table covering and wall covering. These days, although there are still some who use them as wall coverings, they are not used as table coverings anymore. There are four main types of carpet, basing on how they are made. The main types of carpet are woven, knotted, needle felt, and tufted.

The traditional carpets are the ones that are woven. They are made by the use of a loom much like the woven cloth. There are many different kinds of thread that are used to make woven carpets. They are also very colorful as diverse colors are applied to these types of carpet. Among all the different types, this is the most expensive to buy because they are usually handmade and the production process can take some time. The main reasons why many people love to woven carpets is that they are strong and their appearance can be retained for a very long time.

Needle felt carpets, on the other hand, are types of carpet that are somehow more technologically advanced. They are usually made out of synthetic fiber which is forked and barbed to make the very durable types of carpet. Needle felt carpets are the carpets that you normally see in hotels, markets, and the like.

Tufted carpets are the types of carpets that are made by stamping or pressing the yarn used in the pile to a woven fabric by the use of a needle. Then, the tufted secondary backing is made by applying latex on it. These types of carpets are usually made by the help of tufting machines. Simply put, making tufted carpets are like sewing clothes using sewing machines. The main advantage of the tufted carpets are that there are many types of yarn that can be used to make them, they can be manufactured quite quickly, and that these tufting machines can produce a diverse range of patterns, designs, and textures.

The knotted types of carpets are those that are made out of weft threads. They are applied alternately with each other which then make a weave. These are the carpets that are popular during the 70’s and they are usually handmade like the woven ones.

Aside from these four main types of carpet, there are other types that you can get. There is the flat weave carpet which is made by intertwining weft and warp threads. We also have the hooked rug which is made by pulling wool or other types of thread through meshes. This is the types of carpet that are the sturdiest. Also, we have the cut and loop piled carpets. These are the carpets that combine the make of cut fibers and looped ones. We have the velvet or plush carpets, too. These are the carpets that are made out of, well, plush and velvet. Among all the type of carpets, these are the softest.