Types Of Careers

What are the different types of careers? The career we take should be the in line with the things we want to do. You see, a job is different from a career, as careers are jobs that will be giving you the brightest future where you are happy with what you are doing. The thing is that there are careers for certain types of people – these are the types of careers. The types of careers depend on the types of personality a certain person have. Also this is determined by the field of study one took during college. For instance, if you take degrees that are on the science and technology fields, you can get jobs as scientists, engineers, technicians, technologists, and many others.

Your personality plays a huge role on the types of career that you should take. If you are a person who is willing to work hard just to fulfill responsibilities and duties, family oriented, stable, down to earth, peaceful living, value tradition, dislike much change, like orderly environments, have strong opinions, and the like, then you can venture into types of careers that will make you any of these: accountant, lawyer, police, military leader, doctors, dentists, and the like.

If you are a guardian type, then you should choose types of careers in teaching, business, and the like. The guardian types of people are those that are natural leaders, loyal, dependable, wholesome, thorough, honest, cannot stand incompetence, straightforward, and the like.

If you are more of a doer, then the types of careers for you are those that will hone your skills in the field. The career paths you can get include marketing, sales, business, support, and the like. People who have doer attitudes and personalities have traits that include being action oriented, resourceful, flexible, adaptable, fast paced, good natured, adventurous, great people skills, observant, and the like.

People who are more of thinkers are those who love abstract ideas and theories, seeks the truth, value knowledge, independent, original, future oriented, brilliant, creative, value autonomy, works best alone, and the like. If you have more than one of these traits, then go to types of careers that will lead you to being planners, mathematicians, engineers, writers, lawyers, researchers, analysts, and many others.

There are just some people who are great inspirers. These are the people who are project oriented, bright, intuitive, service and future oriented, cooperative, creative, energetic, natural leaders, can work both logically and rationally, able to get and understand concepts and theories that are not common, and the like. Types of careers for these people include entrepreneurship, acting, counseling, politics, journalism, science, and the like.

You see, no matter what personality you have, there are types of careers that will suit you best. If you are still unsure of what you want to be in the future, don’t worry. Sometimes, there are people who are just late bloomers. These are people who want to be sure that they only do things that they will be good at. It’s alright. Play it out and see for yourself that you only venture yourself in the best types of careers for your personality.