Types Of Cancer Benign And Malignant

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases that develop in the human body with time due to various causes and there are various types of cancer benign and malignant in nature. Cancer develops when there is an uncontrollable growth of cells in the human body. The cells in the human body divide and grow uncontrollably forming into a tumour. This tumour leads to cancer with time. There are more than 100 types of cancer benign and malignant which are classified and named after the different types of cells they affect initially. All the types of cancers may be broadly classified into benign and malignant cancers. The difference between the two lies in the invasive potential factor. If a tumour lacks the ability to grow and invade the adjacent cells, tissues and body parts, then it is known as benign tumour or cancer. On the other hand, if the tumour has the potential to spread uncontrollably to the other connective tissues, then it develops into malignant cancer. Both the types of cancer benign and malignant can lead to death in some situations.

Types of cancers-

Under the types of cancer benign and malignant, various types of cancers are described as follows-

* Benign Tumours (cancers)-

1.Fibromas- it is the non-malignant tumour of fibrous tissues. These tumours may develop in any part of the body and later may also spread in other tissues too. These tissue tumours may be treated with the help of surgery.

2.Lipomas- it is a common type of tumour which is generally found in arms, shoulders or back. They are known to grow from fat cells in the body. This type of tumour may be treated with steroid injections or through surgery.

3.Adenomas- this tumour, may at a later stage, develop into a malignant cancer as it spreads in the thin layer which covers the glands and organs (epithelial tissue). This type of tumour can be treated by surgery.

4.Naevi- this is the tumour which grows on the skin which leads to skin cancer. Naevi (moles) are the unusual growth on the skin which may lead to tumour. The moles may differ in size, colour and shape. In a human body moles keep on growing till the age of 40. An irregular mole might lead to tumours and therefore to a malignant cancer, if not properly treated.

* Malignant Cancers-

1.Sarcoma- these cancers develop in the bones, fat and blood vessels. They are malignant in nature because they uncontrollably affect and invade the other parts of the body too. They are life-threatening in nature, if not treated at an early stage.

2.Leukaemia- this type of cancer is related to blood and the bone marrow. When it affects the bone marrow, it generates immature white blood in the body and hence it is malignant.

3.Brain cancer- it can be classified into both types of cancer benign and malignant, depending on its possibility to invade the connective tissues. Generally this type of cancer does not spread beyond the brain but other cancers may spread to brain and invade the tissues.

4.Breast cancer- there are certain invasive types of breast cancer generally found in women. These cancers invade the tissue and result in the malignant cancer. There are generally two types of breast cancers- ductal carcinomas (originates in the milk ducts) and lobular carcinomas (develops in the lobules). These are easy to treat but may develop into malignant cancers if not treated earlier.

Above is the description which will help you to understand about the various types of cancer benign and malignant in nature.