Types Of Breast Cancer

What are the different types of breast cancer? Breast cancer is a dreaded disease that can happen mostly in women. However, there are some instances that even the men can get breast cancer. The thing is that there are ways to find out the details of the tumor that has affected you. This will give you a clear picture of how the doctors that treat or at least slow down the growth of the cancel cells in the breast. There are two main types of breast cancer, invasive and noninvasive. It is important that the doctors are able to determine these because this will give them insight on how to help you deal with the cancer, no matter which of the types of breast cancer you may have.

Noninvasive types of breast cancer, otherwise called SITU, are the types of breast cancer wherein the cancer cells do not move. They are normally found within the place where they originated from. These are the types of cancer wherein the cancer cells have not spread throughout the breast yet. Under the noninvasive kinds of breast cancer, we have the DCIS. DCIS stands for ductal carcinoma in situ. These are types of breast cancer that are generally a lesion that is precancerous. This only means that if this is left uncured in the body, then they will lead to a SITU. Another one of the noninvasive types of breast cancer is the LCIS. LCIS stands for lobular carcinoma in SITU. These types of breast cancer are not precancerous. If they are left uncured in the body, they will not evolve into any types of breast cancer. The problem with the LCIS is that their presence alone will increase the risk of getting cancer in both breasts.

The invasive types of breast cancer on the other hand are those that spread out and infiltrate the membrane lining the ducts of the breast. This is the worst kind of breast cancer, compared to the noninvasive types. This is because the invasive or infiltrating types of breast cancer can bring the cancer cells to all other parts of your body.

Both the noninvasive and invasive types can begin in the different parts of the breast. Keep in mind that it is important that people know this so that they can at least try to take care of these parts so that no cancer cells will grow. Although, to be safe, always make sure that you eat healthy to avoid any of the many types of cancer.

Cancer in the breast can begin in the many different parts of the breast. The most common part that can get breast cancer is the milk duct. These types of cancer basically form in the milk duct linings. Also, breast cancer can originate from milk-producing lobules. These are the parts of the breast where milk is produced. These lobules are connected to the milk ducts. Third, breast cancer can begin from connective tissues. These rarely happen, compared to the two. However, if the breast cancer begins from the connective tissues, they are called sarcoma.