Types Of Cancers

There are almost hundreds different types of cancers that influence a variety of parts of the body. All types of cancers are categorized on the basis of their own symptoms, causes and dealing methods. For the sake of simplicity the types of cancers are grouped into two major categories, one is ‘common types of cancers’ and another is ‘types of cancers categorized on the basis of body system’.

Common types of cancers:

The most commonly identified cancer type is the skin caner. In this type of cancer, there is no age limit specified. Since this type of cancer is most common it can be found on a person belonging to any group of age. There is no sexuality specified for skin cancer, so it can be found on the body of both men and women. There are several other common types of cancers. These types are listed below.

– Breast cancer

– Bladder cancer

– Kidney cancer

– Colon cancer

– Lung cancer

– Endometrial cancer

– Leukemia

– Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

– Tumor

– Lump cancer

– Prostate cancer

– Thyroid cancer

– Pancreatic cancer

– Inflammation cancer

Types of cancers on the basis of body system:

Each and every organ the body get influenced by the cancer. The most threatening situation comes when the cancer starts spreading. The spreading of cancer is difficult to stop, however it is possible to control this spreading. Most of the doctors recommend exercise and yoga for controlling the cancer growth. It is necessary to adopt important precautionary methods suggested from the doctors. The process of cancer growth or spreading is called as metastasis. Followings are the most common types of cancers that are connected with the body systems.

Blood Cancer:

In this type of cancer, the cells available in the bone marrow start becoming cancerous. These cells are responsible to the formation of white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. These are further divided into four subgroups.

– Lymphoma

– Leukemia

– Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia

– Multiple Myeloma

Bone Cancer:

Brain cancers can be either cancerous or non-cancerous depending on its level. Malignant or cancerous brain caner doesn’t increase afar brain, whereas non-cancerous brain caner has the ability to spread all over the body.

Breast Cancer:

Breast cancer is the commonly occurred cancer type. This type of cancer is found only in women. These types of cancers could be curable if necessary actions are carried out in timely manner.

Digestive or Gastrointestinal Cancer:

This is an extensive type of cancer in which the overall body starting from the esophagus to the anus gets affected.

Eye Cancer:

Eyes can get exposed to the cancer if not cared properly. Eye cancer is possible in both the adults as well as children.

Respiratory Cancers:

This is most common type of cancer. It is found in majority among the people who regularly smoke. Asbestos exposure is also an extra cause for respiratory cancer.

Along with these, there are several other types of cancers such as head and neck cancer, gynecologic cancer, genitourinary cancer, and endocrine cancer.