Types Of Bullying

What are the different types of bullying? Bullying is never a good thing. The term bullying basically means abusing people that you look down to. In fact, just looking down to people isn’t a good thing already, so abusing them is just too much. There are many different types of bullying. Recently more laws are getting implemented to avoid these. But to know for sure that you are indeed getting bullied, get to know the different types of bullying one by one.

Physical bullying are types of bullying that involves physical contact. Here, the bully hits, kicks, punches, etc. the person smaller than him. Another common example of these types of bullying is taking another’s things and destroying it. This is the most frequently found of the kinds of bullying. Most of the time, this happens in school, when the older kids bully the younger kids that don’t do what they want.

Verbal bullying are types of bullying that involves verbally abusing another person. Verbal bullying includes name calling and making remarks that are offensive. As long as you said something that hurt the feelings of another person, then that is already considered verbal bullying. This is also common in school, as most kids would like to tease others. Also, making threats verbally is an example of these types of bullying. This is wrong mainly because verbally abusing one person can affect his outlook in life, his self-esteem, and even his future.

Indirect bullying are types of bullying wherein rumors are being spread to destroy a person or a person’s name. As the name implies, these pertain to making someone else’s life hell without even being in contact to him as you already spread all the wrong things about him. In the long run, word will get around and will end up hurting his feelings. These types of bullying also include spreading secrets that you have told another person. As long as the person ends up getting hurt, made fun at, or offended indirectly, then it is a case of indirect bullying.

Social alienation is another one of the types of bullying. Here, a bully purposely excludes a person from a group to make him feel bad. For instance, you are in a study group that’s supposed to report to class on a given day. If the group had a meeting and the person assigned to inform you about it did not and you end up missing the meeting and had nothing to report, then it is considered social alienation.

Intimidation is a type of bullying. This happens when a bully threatens a person to do what he wants.

Cyber bullying is the fastest growing types of bullying these days. This happens when people over the internet rages war over the internet versus a person. Most of the time, this occurs when many people make fun of a certain thing a person has done. This also includes posting a photo or a video of someone online only for the people in the internet to make fun of it.