Types Of Boats

There are different types of boats and the distinction is based on their size, function and design. Most of the boats are built for commercial voyages, involving the transport of goods and people from one pier to another. However, the more popular use of boats nowadays is for tourism purposes. Here are some of the types of boats that are familiar to us, no matter where in the world we are.


A catamaran usually has multiple hulls and is geometrically stable boat. Usually, there are two hulls that are connected to each other by a frame. The main power source can be the wind or can be an engine. Sport sailing using catamaran boats is relatively new, with the more popular designs and types of boats better suited for leisure purposes. The catamaran is fast, and the stability of the structure is valuable for those that want to travel long-distance by sea.

Banana Boat

Many beaches offer rides on banana boats, which are the types of boats also known as sleds. Water sleds and banana boats have become synonymous. This is usually an inflatable boat that is used for recreational purposes. It also functions as a towing vessel. The boat is stable because of the flanking tubes located laterally. There is one main tube where the passengers are seated. Riding these types of boats have been considered dangerous in the past, but then it can be said that banana boat riding can be safer than water skiing considering all the risks involved in both sports.


Traversing a huge lake calls for something like a barge. Among the different types of boats, a barge is one of the most stable for water transport. It is large enough to accommodate a lot of people, and it is slow enough that these people can enjoy the view of the riverbanks leisurely while aboard the barge. This is a flat-bottomed sea vessel, which has been invented for the moving of heavy loads. Now, many people want to ride on this boat for leisure purposes.

Cruise Ships

Who hasn’t heard of a cruise ship? These types of boats are also called liners and are solely for recreational purposes. These cruise ships are built like floating hotels, with many of the amenities found in their landbased counterparts. There may be a ballroom, several small restaurants and cafes, a swimming pool, and spacious quarters. These types of boats stop at various destinations and offer scenic views of landscapes from the water. These cruise ships have specific routes.

Long Boats

There are some types of boats that are manually operated and an engine is rarely installed. One example of this is a longboat. This is an open boat that is meant to accommodate eight or ten individuals, which also serve as the rowers.


Another type of boat that is manually operated is the kayak. This is smaller than a longboat and only one person is meant to stay inside the boat. A double blade paddle is installed to propel the kayak forward or backward. Skilled kayakers are able to perform stunts like rolling the boat to one side and capsizing the boat without the individual falling off or without letting water enter the boat.