Types Of Blue

Blue is one of the three primary colors. Others include red and yellow. There are very many types of blue colors which are mostly used by artists and fashion designers to shade their work. The various blue hues makes it possible to achieve a variety of shades.

Lighter blue

These types of blue are very useful when it comes to web design. It gives the website a more appealing look. It is the lightest blue. They are very close to green.

Deeper blue; they are mostly confused with purple although they are not dark blue. Naturally, they resemble deeper oceans and stormy sky.

Royal blue; these types of blue begin to incline towards purple. They are normally associated with royalty. They can be used when combined with other colors to achieve a dark shade. Amongst the colors which the royal blue can be combined with include purple and black. Naturally, they can be compared tonight sky or dark storm.

The ocean blue; these colors are composed of more blue than green. Just as the name suggests, in nature it can be compared to the color of oceans. Even though they have some element of green color in them, it is not conspicuous. It is very essential whenever an artist wishes to have some kind of transition to the darker blues.

Turquoise; these types of blue are referred to as invigorating color. It can be used to achieve a bright and cheerful vibe. It can also be paired with other color such as white for a pretty smart look.

Navy; this color is preferred for a formal look. These types of blues leans towards black. It is mostly used to shade dining rooms. Just like other types of blue it can also be combined with other colors for more dimensional look. It works perfectly well with yellow or red colors.

Slate blue; this shade of blue has some traces of gray undertones. It is used for widely spaced rooms. It can also pair with other colors as it can also act as a neutral color.

Cobalt; has a brighter look as compared to its counterpart the slate blue. It’s more appropriate for larger rooms since it’s fairly dark.

Shading the ceiling with cobalt blue will always make your room to pair with very may colors. Amongst the colors it pairs with include chocolate, cream and yellow.

Ice blue is another amazing type of blue. It is a very soft shade. It is normally used to decorate small rooms as it has the ability to reflect colors making a smaller room look spacious. These shades come in very many forms with some having slight blue tint.

Achieving these amazing shades of blue is not a rocket science, it revolves around mixing the primary colors in the right proportions. It can easily be achieved at home since not all these shades will be found in the supermarkets or at paint dealers.

As long as you aren’t color blind then you’ll most definitely get a shade of your dream. As a rule of thumb, start with a small proportion and see how it works.