Types Of Blinds

What are the different types of blinds? Blinds are important window fixtures. No matter where you go, you will notice that houses are equipped with window blinds that provide air flow and light while giving you enough privacy. You see, there are many different types of blinds. If you want one for your home, I suggest you read on and get to know each of them.

The first of the five types of blinds are the mini blinds. These are the blinds that are most common as they are characterized by narrow and long slates. These slates are kept together by a string and are controlled by a certain long chain or sometimes, a rod. These are actually the most basic of the types of blinds and they are the cheapest as well. If you want to either close or open these blinds, you can simply pull the chain or rotate the rod. If you rotate it clockwise, then it would open. If you rotate it counter clockwise, then it would close.

The second of the five types of blinds are the venetian blinds. There are similar to the mini blinds as they work the same way. The main difference of the venetian blinds to the mini blinds is their size. The venetian blinds are wider than the latter and that’s just about it. They are also operated using the same rod or chain and they work the same way – rotate them clockwise to open, counter clockwise to close.

Third, we have the roman blinds. The roman blind differ from the first two types of blinds in the sense that they are only operated using a long cord or chain. These are the types of blinds that are made out of fabric as well. They fold towards their front part when you want to close them and when you want to open them, well, and then they unfold. These types of blinds give a home a homier and relaxing feel.

Fourth of the five types of blinds are the vertical blinds. These are the blinds most commonly seen in workplaces and such. They work pretty much like any other types of blinds, however, they are vertical. The blinds run from the top to the bottom and they are usually operated by the use of a chain. If you want to operate these types of binds, you can pull a side of the chain and the blinds will open and close – vertically. The most common vertical blinds are made out of vinyl and sometimes even fabric.

Lastly, we have the roller blinds. These are the blinds that are the most elegant as well as the most practical. They are made out of a single piece of fabric. These fabrics are then connected to the top of the window where you can either raise or lower them without the need for much effort. The main reason why many people love these types of blinds is that they are very versatile. You can use them pretty much wherever, from your home, workplace, and even offices.