Types Of Art And Design

If you just finished high school and you are considering the various types of art and design studies that you can follow, here are some very popular academic options, all of them leading to respective types of art and design jobs.

1. One option is to become an animator: an animator is someone who knows to produces several frames in a continuous sequence. When you run this sequence relatively fast, the images create the illusion of movement to the person watching it. This type of “movement” is known as animation. If you choose to become an animator, you can work either with hand drawn pictures, or with digital ones; truth be told, however, you will be able to make a decent living only with the second. Moreover, you can choose to specialize in 2D or in 3D animation, but you will definitely have to do a little bit of both, if you are to become successful in your field.

2. One of the most common types of art and design studies is graphic design. Essentially a graphic designer is the person responsible for creating all kinds of design in a project. He has to be a people person so that he can effectively communicate with clients in order to be able to understand their vision on a certain projects; but he should also have the necessary leadership skills to make cutting edge decisions whenever he must, so that the final design solution is the best possible.

3. From all types of art and design jobs, however, the most popular is probably that of a fashion designer. In to become a successful fashion designer, one should also have good people skills, but he most important part is having a passion for clothing and a very fine taste. Plus, one needs to be very open-minded in order to do creative and “original” work. Due to the fact that the field of fashion design is very demanding and challenging, many fashion designers choose to focus on only one aspect of clothing, and become specialists in let’s say sportswear, footwear, or women’s accessories.

4. Moreover, among the various types of art and design studies one can follow is that of photography. Photography is rather special field, since a photograph can work in various positions. The typical job that comes to our mind, when we hear about photography, is that in a fashion magazine. But how about a wedding photographer; a bay photographer, a specialized fine art photographer, or an advertising photographer! or even a press photographer, also known as an editorial photographer: an editorial photographer might work for a newspaper or a news site, and his job is to tell a real life story through his photos. In any case, as long as there is a will, the possibilities in photography are endless.

As mentioned in the beginning, these are the types of art and design jobs that are on the top of the list; other types of art and design career paths are: exhibition designer, printmaker, textile designer, jewellery designer, furniture designer, illustrator, interior and spatial designer, etc.