Types Of Angels

Angels in this perspective refers to those creatures that are and have been responsible since out the time of birth, growth, mentorship and many more. Different types of angels play varied roles in our lives to ensure that we grow and nurtured to be what we are or what we will be. Everyone feel affection for different type of angels since they show love, protection, courage, strength, guidance amongst others. What should be known is that angels do not only exist in heaven, but they are also with us in our daily encounters no wonder many people get their tattoos and other even embellish their houses with angels in different occasions. Here are some types of angels;

Guardian angels; these are our first phylum. The guardian angels spread out love and splendor and usually appear with stunning white light covering them. The color on their wings is usually silvery and that explains their elegance. Their main role is to offer us with protection and help us in relieving our fears and horrors.

Archangels; the main archangels are Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. The basic role of Archangels is to provide healing to the people. These types of angels are also conceived as the conveyors of hope. They use a sword to heal us by touching the part of body that needs to be healed using that sword. Their stone is aquamarine and rain is their element.

Cherubim and Seraphim; these are the angels notably known for their ability in singing. Cherubim are known to be having a striking singing voice while Seraphim is renowned for having an ability to sing with a vibration tone. When they combine, the music they sing is usually beyond description. They possess white wings and their tips are rose-colored. They are regarded as the most blissful angels and their totem is the canary.

The powers; they are very energetic angels that utilize their wings to protect us. Their energy is useful since they use it to heal people and are relatively large in size. They have white wings and their tips are usually green in color. Their tone is emerald, moon is their element while falcon which is a symbol of speediness and determination is their totem.

The Carrions; they are the sixth level of angels. The Carrions have a sole purpose of ushering away the dark creatures when they die. Their primary role is to stand firm until the dark entities die. These are the angels that ensure the dark creatures do not prevail in this world. Their element is wind which typically shows that they are driving away the dark creatures and their totem is ravel while their stone is the opal.

The virtues; the primary aim of these angels is to help us with our life charts. They enable us to adjust essential changes to our charts whenever it is necessary. They also assist in our life charts in the other world before we are actually born. Their totem is dove which is the notable symbol for peace and their stone is silver. They also have white wings and pale blue tips. Their element is water.

Other types of angels include the Dominions and the Thrones and Principalities. The Dominions takes care of us and permanently records our actions. Their totem is cougar and their element is earth while their stone is blood stone.

On the other hand, the Thrones and Principalities are the representation of Mother and Father God armies respectively. They help us when we are in any sort of danger and can be called upon anytime.