Types Of Abuse

What are the different types of abuse? Abuse can be defined as improper treatment wherein the person feels hurt, ill-treated, and taken for granted. This usually happens when one person is weaker than the other, therefore mistreating the kindness of the person. There are many types of abuse – physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, and economic.

Physical abuse is among the types of abuse that is characterized by physical violence. Physical abuse can affect one person from early ages onwards. The most common example of this is the classic school bully. The poor boy that is being bullied will be left with trauma of physical abuse. Another common example of physical abuse is when there is physical violence around the household. Whether it is the husband hurting the wife or vice versa, as long as one of them is getting hurt, it is considered types of abuse.

Mental abuse and emotional abuse, on the other hand, are types of abuse wherein the person experiences trauma in the mind. A common example of this is threatening. For instance, there is a married couple wherein the man threats to kill the woman if he catches her cheating. In this case, both the man and the woman will experience some sort of abuse. How? The woman experiences the emotional abuse as she gets scared that the man will kill her. The man, on the other hand, gets abused mentally because the woman is making him think that she is cheating. Most people will see this as a one sided emotional abuse, but look at the big picture and you will see.

Verbal abuses are among the types of abuse wherein the weapon used to hurt is words. These are actually the most common types of abuse. However, not many people are aware about it. These include insults such as saying curse words and saying words that will hurt the person in many ways. A common example of these types of abuse is telling someone that they are not good enough to be something. This can lead to the other person losing his or her self-confidence, which can only lead to bad things.

We also have economic abuse. These are types of abuse wherein one party is keeping the other from experiencing the good things or extravagance. A good example would be a married couple wherein the wife holds the money of the family. The wife then gives the husband just an allowance that is almost not enough for gas alone. The wife, however, spends cash on pretty much everything she wants.

Lastly, we have sexual abuse. These are types of abuse wherein a person is violated sexually. This doesn’t only mean rape. Any type of sexual acts, such as foreplay or touching of private parts, or bullying to have sex, is already considered sexual abuse. The distinguishing factor of sexual abuse is when one of the people involved are taking control over the other party who is relentlessly saying that they do not approve of the sexual acts that are being done to them.