Types Of 5.56 Ammo

The many types of 5.56 ammo are available on the internet, and these types include 5.56×45 wolf Military type Classic ammo, PMC XTAC 5.56, 5.56×45 – 55 gr FMJBT – BlackGun Remanufactured Ammo – 1000 Rounds and much more. As we move further, we will be discussing many more types of 5.56 Ammos, also with their quality and price.

We WILL start off with 5.56×45 wolf Military type Classic ammo here. These Ammos priced $8.99 has a Full Metal Jacket Lead Core (Bi-Metal Bullet Jacket) with the bullet’s weigh being 62 grains. Russian-made, with a non-corrosive Boxer and a non-corrosive powder, it has a velocity of 3, 241 ft/s (feet per second).

PMC XTAC 5.56 is known for its perfect accuracy and is highly recommended for those people who believe in self defense rather than being a daredevil! Attributes include 5.56 caliber with FMJ BT bullet. 55 grain weight with the Muzzle energy of 1306 Ft-lbs and muzzle velocity of 3270 fps. Its price is $10.99.

PMC ammunitions, being the best in providing its customers with “quality, accuracy and dependability’ is reliable. PMC X-Tac 5.56 62gr Green Tip – 1000 rds has a solid price of $600, but has free shipping. But remain cautious as types of 5.56 ammo are only to be used in the rifles which allow 5.56 mm. It must NOT be used in those rifles which are labeled 0.223.

PMC 5.56 M193 X-TAC 55 Grain FMJ Boat Tail Ammo – 20 Rounds per Box, with a price of $11.97 (per box), has a bullet weight of 55 grains, with muzzle energy of 1306 Ft lbs and muzzle velocity of 3270 fps and is a FMJBT.

5.56×45 – 55 gr FMJBT – BlackGun Remanufactured Ammo – 1000 Rounds costs $589 (58.9ȼ per round), comprise of a Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (also known as FMJBT) bullet within brass casings, lead non-magnetic core, and it is said to be one of the best types of 5.56 ammo for range practices due to its affordability and reliability. Weight of each bullet is 55 grains.

“900 rds, 0.223 (5.56x45mm) 62 Grain. M855 FMJ AR-15 Ammo’ from Australian Defense Industries (also ADI) is a boxer-primed, brass-casing enclosed, non-corrosive and is easily reloadable. Features include steel core Full Metal Jacket bullets, 62 grain of each bullet, with a muzzle velocity of 3, 020 fps and muzzle energy of 1, 255 ft.-lbs. 18 packs per can.

Another Australian Defense Industries product, named 5.56 NATO ADI 62gr. SS109 F1 Ball Ammo in Film Packs. These types of 5.56 ammo have a projectile of 62 grain, combined core with a hardened steel piercing, lead slug encased in a metal jacket. Ammo is enclosed within brass case, is boxer r-pimed, magnetic and non-corrosive, with a muzzle velocity being 2969 fps. This ammo is in a M2A1 ammo can and is packed in 5rd. Film pack, with the 10-film pack in each sleeve.

“1000 Rounds of 5.56×45 XM855 Steel Core Ammo by Lake City – 62gr FMJ’ costs $845 and is recommended by 265 people on a website due to its quality. It’s features include 1, 000 rounds (which are loose packed) and bullets are 62 grain Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) XM855 steel core. The ammo also has a boxer-primed brass casing.