Types Of 22 Rifles

Looking for types of 22 rifles? There are three main types. These types of 22 rifles are named for the action used to actually shoot–bolt action, lever action, and semi-automatic. Each of these types of 22 rifles has a special action for the shooter.

Bolt action is the first of the types of 22 rifles. This type of 22 rifle is manually operated. On the right-hand side of the gun (because users are typically right-handed) there is a handle. Once the shooter has pulled the trigger, the handle is pulled toward them. This allows the shooter to remove any shells from the chamber and reload a new cartridge. This type of 22 rifle can be either single-shot or magazine fed. The person using the weapon pulls the handle to unload and reload the chamber, if it is being used as a single-shot. If the ammunition is in a magazine, the gun will load itself when the shooter maneuvers the handle. Either way, the handle on the bolt must be operated for the gun to reload. Bolt action rifles are the types of 22 rifles that are known to be accurate, strong, and reliable. They do, however, take longer to load and fire than other types of 22 rifles.

Lever action is the next type of 22 rifles. It is the type seen in old movies about the American West. Compared to bolt action rifles, they are a little faster to load and shoot. There is a lever on this type of 22 rifles. It is located on the underside of the gun near the trigger. Sometimes it includes the trigger and guard. When the shooter pulls the trigger, they then have to use the lever to empty the spent shells. Once the spent shells are out, the shooter can reload a cartridge into the chamber. In order to shoot comfortably, the shooter should have some extra room under the gun to be able to unload and reload the gun. The Marlin Model 39A, a lever action, is the most commonly seen and most often coveted of all the types of 22 rifles.

Semi-automatic are the last type of 22 rifles. Many times they are known as self-loading and auto-loading rifles. Often they are confused with machine guns and automatic rifles. This type of 22 rifle fires and reloads on its own when the trigger of a semi-automatic rifle is pulled. There is nothing manual for the shooter to do. There is no bolt or lever to pull. That also means that, with this type of 22 rifle, the shooter’s body does not have to be repositioned between every shot. This type of 22 rifles allows for quick shots without much waiting. Many times when using this type of 22 rifles the targets will ‘dance”fall, tumble, spin.

The action of the types of 22 rifles determines the type of rifle it is. The three types are bolt, lever, and semi-automatic. These are the types of 22 rifles.