Types Of 18 Wheelers

Types of 18 wheelers are determined by the type of trailer on the back. There are six distinct types of 18 wheelers on the roads today. These types of 18 wheelers are tanker trucks, refrigerator trucks, lowboys, car haulers, flat bed trucks, and logging trucks.

The first type of 18 wheelers is the tanker truck. These are the trucks that carry liquids or gases. They may be insulated or not. They may be refrigerated, depending on the cargo. This type of 18 wheeler has a high center of gravity that can move (because of the often liquid contents). It makes this type of 18 wheelers more difficult to drive than some of the others. In the cylinder tank connected to the tractor, this type of 18 wheelers can haul 5500 to 11,600 gallons of cargo. Most commonly, this type of 18 wheelers is used to transport fuel to gas stations’regular or diesel. It can also be used to carry milk or other chemicals (liquid or gas).

The next type of 18 wheelers can look like regular rectangular boxes on the back of the trailer or they can look like tankers. This type of 18 wheelers is the refrigerated truck. This truck carries perishable cargo at specific temperatures. It ensures that the temperature does not fluctuate too much so the cargo does not spoil. The trucks in this type of 18 wheelers can use many different types of cooling systems to keep the temperature steady. For example, these trucks can use insulation or ventilation. They can also use Carbon Monoxide (dry ice) or regular ice-cooled systems to keep the temperatures in this type of 18 wheelers regulated.

The lowboy type of 18 wheelers is just that. It is a low trailer used to haul heavy freight or equipment. It was invented in the 1920s. Now, this type of 18 wheelers is used often to haul construction equipment or big tractors from one job to another. The military also uses these sometimes to haul vehicles and equipment. The type of connection to the trailer depends on the kind of load being hauled on this type of 18 wheelers. Also, the type of suspension used in the tractor is dependent upon the kind and size of the load that will be carried.

The next type of 18 wheelers is the car hauler. These are used to transport cars from the factory to the dealership and between dealerships. Some of the car haulers have open trailers, but others are enclosed. Many times, the type of car being carried will determine if this type of 18 wheelers gets an open or enclosed trailer. (Usually more expensive cars are in enclosed trailers to prevent damage during delivery.) The trailers on this type of 18 wheelers have hydraulic ramps which are controlled from either inside or on top of the tractor of the truck. These hydraulic ramps make loading and unloading easier. The top level is loaded first and unloaded last.

Flat bed trucks are another type of 18 wheelers. The bed of the truck (or the trailer) is completely flat. There are no rails, sides, roof, or any enclosures on this type of 18 wheelers. The flat design makes it much easier to load and unload. A common use for this type of 18 wheelers today is construction materials and equipment.

The final type of 18 wheelers is the logging trucks. There are two specific kinds of logging trucks. One kind is used for getting the trees from the forest. It is designed for rugged terrain. The other kind is for hauling the logs on the road. It is designed for normal road usage. The main differences are the tires and the type of suspension system used. This type of 18 wheelers often looks like a flat bed, but it has tall rails attached (at least two) to each side of the bed. This enables it to carry the round logs without them falling off.

The six main types of 18 wheelers are logging, flat bed, car haulers, lowboys, refrigerator, and tankers. Each of these types of 18 wheelers carries a specific kind of load. It is designed to work in a certain way.