Types Of Testing Regression

Software testing is important for any software to be maintained or to be kept up and running and there are different types of testing regression which is also a kind of a software testing method. Amongst these types of tests there is also the white box testing and black box testing. There are numerous other types of tests but each one is beneficial in its own way. The main purpose of the types of testing regression is to discover any bugs in the software that may be causing glitches or issues for the user using the device with particular software.

Certain types of testing regression are carried out after a change in the code of the software-defects may occur as a result of such a change and these then have to be dealt with once they reveal themselves. These types of testing regression help discover if the bugs still occur after the software has been changed as well and if they do then the software is worked upon and perfected so that it can be launched or used or downloaded by people in the market that are using a device with certain bugs in their software.

Unit regression testing is one of the 3 main types of testing regression and it is employed to test out the functionality of a specific code. The types of testing regression are carried out when developing particular software in order to correct any glitches that are thought to occur in the software once these are installed in a device. However, it may not help perfect software completely because often glitches and bugs are still found after the software has been installed too. Smartphones are examples of such product that are still affected by software issues- the iPhone 4S/3Gs was released with better software (that was updated) because certain glitches and bugs were discovered in the initial models (iPhone 3 and 4).

Partial regression is one of those types of testing regression where the effects of adding an additional variable to a model with other variable are tested. However, the downside to these types of testing regression is that they do not take the other variables into account. They will only take the particular new variable into account and this will be tested- no other variable would be tested.

Complete regression testing is another of the various types of testing regression in which the implementation is changed and considered as well. An overall regression test is carried out and rather than applying a particular aspect of regression testing, the overall test is applied for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. This way the variables can be tested, any bugs or glitches can be found and the software can then be perfected and basically, all aspects of the types of testing regression are carried out and covered for the smooth running of the software in different devices. These types of testing regression are usually carried out for various types of software– those in smartphones and computers/laptops as well.