Types Of Software

What are the different types of software? Software is defined as a computer program that can allow a computer to do a multitude of things. They are a collection of computer programs. This being said, it is easy to understand that there are many types of software. Each of the software has different uses as they are used by different groups of people as well. The different types of software are system software, programming software, application software, malware, utility software, and recovery software.

The programming software is among the types of software that are used to create other computer software. These contain tools and other programming related gears to help a programmer come up with new software. These tools are then used by the programmer to instruct the computer to execute different programs through different commands. The most common programming software tools are compilers, debuggers, and interpreters. The compilers are the part of the programming software that interpret and translate the programed code into computer language. Debuggers, on the other hand, are tools that are used to find bugs or errors in the code that the programmer wrote. The interpreters, lastly, are those that execute the debugged version of the code.

System software is the second of the many types of software. These are the computer programs that are used to run the computer system and allow hardware to be used as well. The most common example of system software is the operating system. You see, the operating system allows the computer to boot. It also makes the entire computer system run by executing the different programs and software in it.

Third of the many types of software are the application software. These are the software that is made to execute certain tasks. Common examples of application software are the databases, educational software, and word processors. These are the types of software that are used so that an ordinary user will be able to do tasks using the computer.

Malware, or malicious software, are types of software that threatens the security of the computer system. The long list of malware includes viruses, spywares, and worms among others. Computer viruses are viruses that hinder the computer system to function normally. Worms are the same, however, they are able to act on their own unlike viruses that need to attach themselves to hosts. Spyware, on the other hand, are malware that are used to monitor activities of a certain computer system as well as steal valuable information from it.

Utility software is among the types of software that are tasked to manage the computer system. They are known to perform just small tasks that are vital to ensure that the computer system will run well.

Lastly, we have the recovery software. Also called backup software, these are the types of software that are tasked to copy the entire content of the computer system. They organized these data so that when your system fails or if any form of malware attack it, you will be easily able to restore your system to its functioning state.