Types Of Testing Methods

Where animal testing is concerned, there are various types of testing methods and it is because of how torturous and horrible these can be for the animal due to which many people are strongly against it- particularly environmentalists and animal lovers. These types of testing methods not only put the animal’s health on the line but it can also lead to their eventual death and/or extinction. The worst part is that since some animals are cheap or widely available, many scientists and labs purchase or capture them and use different types of testing methods on these harmless creatures as well.

The skin irritation test is one of the many testing methods and what happens in these cases is that a patch of the animal’s fur is shaved off and particular chemicals may be applied on to the shaved portion. The effects of the chemical on the animal would then be recorded and it is generally presumed that effects would be similar to the effects that these chemicals would have on human beings which is not always the case seeing as how their skin is different from ours. Also, once the chemical enters their systems it may be hard to take it out.

The skin sensitization test is also one the different types of testing methods used on animals which helps get an idea of how the chemicals used would impact human beings. Depending upon the effect of a chemical on an animal, a scientist is able to tell the impact of a drug or cream on a person’s body as well. Again since man and animal are made different these types of testing methods may not be accurate and the irritation caused could kill the animal in the process which is why it is considered to be cruelty where animals are concerned.

Dermal penetration is one of those types of testing methods that is used to get an estimate of how much of a chemical is absorbed by the skin and body. Cosmetologists use these frequently before launching a new product into the market and it is part of the R&D process as well. Rats are used for these methods and once the chemical is absorbed, the rats are killed and then an estimate of how much of a chemical is absorbed is measured once these are killed. This is why these types of testing methods are considered to be cruel.

Most animals are killed off after the test is carried out and that is why many people are against the use of these types of testing methods- because of the fact that the animal that was used in a test is killed and different types of animals are used for different purposes but it is because of the fact that they are killed in the end that this is even considered to be animal cruelty. Since animals’ skins differ from the skin of a human being it is argued that these tests shouldn’t be allowed at all as well.