Types Of Animals

What are the different types of animals? There are many species of animals around the world. No matter where we go or what it is that we are doing, we see animals walking, hopping, flying, or swimming around us. This is why scientists made different classifications of the types of animals.

The first of the many types of animals are the invertebrates. These are the types of animals that are first to evolve. They are known to exist from way back 600 million years. They are single celled and they do not have a backbone. There are many different types of invertebrates. These include insects, worms, and the like. The main distinguishing feature of these animals is that they do not have a backbone.

Fishes are the types of animals that can be found in the water. Among all the types of animals that have back bones, they are the first to evolve. Among the first types of fishes are the jawless fishes. They are now extinct and were found around 500 million years past. After these types of animals, there are agnanthans and conodonts as well. They are types of jawless fishes, too. After their species, the fishes started to evolve and later on had jaws. There are three main lineages of fishes that have jaws. They are ray finned fishes, cartilaginous fishes, and lobe finned fishes.

Amphibians are types of animals that are able to live on land and water. They are the first vertebrates that are able to move life from land to water and vice versa. The very first amphibians came from lobbed finned fishes. They evolved somewhere around 350 million years past and became amphibians. The long list of animals that are considered amphibians include newts, frogs, and other caecilians. There are many known amphibian types these days. There are actually around 5000 species known to man. The main problem about them is that they have been declining because of environmental changes.

Reptiles are types of animals that are cold blooded. These are animals that can also live in water and in land. However, there are two main distinguishing features of the reptiles to the amphibians – reptiles have scales and they can lay hard shelled eggs.

We, humans, are mammals. Mammals are the types of animals that are warm blooded. There are somewhere around 5500 species of mammals around the world. There are many different characteristics of mammals as well. There are mammals that live in the water, such as whales and dolphins. There are mammals that can fly, such as bats. The main distinguishing feature of mammals is their ability to breast feed through their mammary glands.

Lastly, we have birds. Birds are types of animals that have wings. However, having wings do not mean that these animals can fly. Most birds can fly, of course. They differ in size, wing span, and colors. There are also birds that can fly. These are known as fowls. Chickens are example of them. At present, there are at least 9000 species known of birds.