Types Of Software Attacks

There are too many types of software attacks. Almost all types of software attack are designed by people who are motivated to steal and even prove to be hackers. Some of these attacks are virus, worm, Trojan, root kit, hybrid, scanners and hackers among others.


Computer virus is a type of software attack that interferes with the normal function of a computer program. The virus spread directly to other files in a computer system because it attempts to install itself on a user’s system. The virus is spread directly or via emails through the use of infected files and devices.

There are very different types of virus such us polymorphic virus that changes with each infection, armored viruses, multipartite virus tunneling viruses among other types of computer viruses.


A worm is similar to a virus. The main difference is that this type of software attacks can spread itself without the involvement of the user. Other computers are typically scanned for vulnerabilities which are designed to exploit by the worm. Once it has identified the machine, it will attack it and copy its file over the machine to spread itself. The examples of warms include Morris warm and Mydoom warm


These are types of software attacks that have derived their name from a trojan horse of Greek mythology. The purpose of this software is to deliver a payload such as a virus or a root kit even though it appears to work as normal program.

Root kit

A type of software attacks that opens up a port once it is installed to allows communication the attacker as it takes full control of the system is root kit. The other name for root kit is a door. Hackers are given more control of machine. The monitor of the victim can be turned off by an attacker by the help of seven sub seven root kit. The attacker can also turn on the installed web cam without the knowledge of the victim.


The dangerous types of software attacks that can the features of the different characteristic described above are hybrid. It is malicious code that resides in live memory and can spread to without the help of the user. Fighting malicious code is a type of hybrid that it spread throughout the network through worm’s propagation method.


There are different types of scanners. Different scanners are used to serve different purposes such as looking for open ports and to ping the presence of machine. The scanners are always used to elicit the different information about the type and different versions of services that are running. Other types of scanner are specialized in looking for vulnerability of particular type of service.


This is a type of software attack that allows an individual to directly attack a system that has already been exploited by an automated tool. They can break password to interfere with the software. These types of software attacks that are rare as compared to the software attacks that have been mentioned above.