Types Of Computer Viruses

What are the different types of computer viruses? Computer viruses are harmful codes or applications that cause damage to the computer system. They are commonly able to enter the system undetected and, of course, without the knowledge of the person using it. The bad thing about these computer viruses is that they can replicate themselves. They then are able to occupy space on your computer system and get more files infected quickly. There are different types of computer viruses. Read on and get to know them more one by one.

The Direct Action Viruses are types of computer viruses that are self-replicating. They enter the system via different methods. When the virus infected file is executed, the virus gets to work. It will then replicate again, infect more files, and then sleep again. When one of the infected files gets executed, then the cycle begins again. The bad thing about these types of computer viruses is that it cannot easily be found. Given that it can replicate itself, the virus can change hideout. It can corrupt files as well. If you think you have a direct action virus in your system, all you have to do is install an anti-virus program and run a scan.

Next, we have the memory resident types of computer viruses. As the name implies, these are computer viruses that reside in the memory of the computer. Whenever the operating system runs, the memory resident types of computer viruses will then work. They will infect the files that are executed or opened, corrupting them so they will be useless. They mainly hide in the RAM, as they ensure that they will be able to be executed every time. Much like the direct action types of computer viruses, these can also be handled by installing an anti-virus program.

Overwrite viruses are types of computer viruses that has the main goal of overwriting your existing files. They do not change the file size, though. All they do is to replace the file content to a malicious code that infects other files upon executing. Even when you have an anti-virus installed, there are times that you cannot just end the reign of these overwrite viruses. You can, however, delete the files that are infected and they will go away. Just make sure that you are able to delete every last one of them and these types of computer viruses will be none of your problems.

Directory viruses are types of computer viruses that infect the computer system directory by changing the path locating your files. These are also called file system viruses or cluster viruses. When, for example, you accidentally run a program or a file with this virus in it, you will be able to access the file or program. But, as the program or file is open, the virus gets to work and changes the file path of the files and programs that you have. The way to cure is to basically install a backup that you have made because sometimes, your computer system will get too messed up to return to its original location.